Supernatural fans asked and The CW appears to be finally willing to listen. As previously reported The CW is eyeing another Supernatural spin-off going into season 13 entitled Wayward Daughters. Daughters takes its name (and premise) from a campaign created by fans who wanted to see more of the show’s female characters, specifically Sheriff Jody Mills. While Kim Rhodes, who plays Jody, is attached to the project, she is the only confirmed character to be a part of Wayward Daughters. There are many more female characters that the show can and should pull from for the spin-off. Here are seven characters who need to be a part of Wayward Daughters.

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Claire Novak and Alex Jones

Though very much their own characters with separate personalities, Claire and Alex (or Annie) must be grouped together for purposes of this list. The fact is that if Wayward Daughters has one without the other it is just going to be strange. They both need to be there or not at all. The reports are that Wayward Daughters will have Jody as the lead while she fosters a group of women who have all been orphaned by supernatural tragedy. If that premise is what Wayward Daughters is truly about Claire and Alex both need to be involved. 

Wayward Daughters without Claire or Alex would be something akin to Supernatural without Sam or Dean. Now, neither girl needs to be as present as Sam or Dean on the spin-off. It really does sound like Jody will be the central figure of the show and every character will revolve around her. Still, Jody’s role as a foster mother started with Claire and Alex. If the two are not at least recurring, the spin-off is going to have a lot of explaining to do. 

Donna Hascum 

Donna not being involved in Wayward Daughters would be equally bizarre as Claire or Alex not making an appearance. Donna might not have as long a history with Supernatural as either of Jody’s surrogate daughters but she is just as important. Donna is not only a fan favorite, she is Jody’s co-worker and hunting apprentice. Donna and her incredible bubbly personality would be tremendous on Wayward Daughters.

If Wayward Daughters is just Supernatural (but with women) there is a perfect template for Donna to follow. She could be Jody’s right-hand-woman in the same way that Dean and Sam have each other’s back. Or Donna could even fill the role of Bobby, albeit a much more cheerful one, being the comic relief and frequent ally of the lead character(s). 

Mary Winchester

After all of Supernatural season 12 it is going to be very odd if Mary leaves her sons again to go off on adventures with Jody Mills. There was so much time spent on the angst that Mary’s return and absence from her sons caused everyone in the family in season 12. At the end of season 12 Mary even resolved to stay with Sam and Dean, until she punched Lucifer and herself into a portal. When Mary makes her way out of that portal, which is a given, she can’t just leave her sons to go travel with Jody.

Yet it is almost impossible to deny how much fun it was seeing Sam and Dean’s biological mother interact with their quasi-adoptive mother in season 12. Mary and Jody were a force to be reckoned with in Supernatural, working fantastically as a hunting duo and on-screen partners. It would be an incredible shame if Wayward Daughters didn’t capitalize on their chemistry in some form, even if it is only in Mary being a semi-frequent guest star. 


There are some obstacles in Rowena being a part of Wayward Daughters as she is currently dead. Honestly, though, death has never been much more than an inconvenience for Supernatural characters. While Mark Sheppard, who played Rowena’s son Crowley, confirmed he isn’t coming back to Supernatural after his character’s death, Ruth Connell has made no such promises. Rowena does have a very amusing relationship with Sam and Dean but when and if she is resurrected maybe she should start working with some other hunters like Jody.

Rowena and Jody have never really shared the screen but they could be perfect together. Rowena’s theatrics would be a great match for Jody’s dry and sarcastic wit. Going along with the idea of Wayward Daughters as a female Supernatural, Rowena could fill the role of a Castiel or a Crowley with Jody’s team. She could be the frequent and powerful outside ally that offers a helping hand and humor with equal measure. 

Lily Sunder 

Lily might be a very new character but in her debut during Supernatural season 12, Lily arrived completely fully formed. After one episode Lily has enough backstory and depth to her that she could headline her own spin-off. Supernatural could have easily killed Lily off in their introductory episode but she was kept alive. Since Lily is out there in the world she would be a seamless fit for Wayward Daughters, matching up completely with the reported theme. 

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Lily, like Jody, was a woman whose family was torn away by the supernatural. The only thing that really separates them is that Lily turned to darkness and revenge after her loss while Jody tried to help people. It is because of this difference though that Lily would make a great supporting character on Wayward Daughters. She serves a nice counterpoint to Jody and the series could tell the story of Lily’s redemption that was only hinted at during the tail end of her season 12 episode. 

Charlie Bradbury

If it is possible to entertain the idea of Rowena coming back from the dead (… again) it should be equally plausible to see everyone’s other favorite Supernatural redhead make a reappearance. Fans have wanted Felicia Day’s Charlie Bradbury to come back ever since she was unceremoniously killed off in season 10. Bringing Charlie back in season 13 and making her a member of the cast of Wayward Daughters would add even more goodwill to the spin-off. 

Charlie is a character whose story is completely unfinished. It is true that this lack of closure was the reason and tragedy for her death but it also isn’t really acceptable on Supernatural. Charlie never should have died. In a show that brings characters back time and time again there is no reason not to have Charlie be revived and be integral part of Wayward Daughters. Charlie deserves a second chance and she would be amazing as one of the main leads on the spin-off.

But what do you think? Which Supernatural characters would you like to see on the spin-off? Are you interested in watching Wayward Daughters at all? 

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