Vincent had a plan at the end of last week’s The Originals to save Hope. The downside is it would end the Mikaelson family. It’s “always and forever” with this family, so there will be no shortage of sacrifices. The big question is, who will sacrifice themselves to save Hope in the Season 4 finale? They’ll all fight one another to do it, but here’s a look at the contenders.


As Klaus explained last week, he hurt a lot of people. Over the last century he has killed, maimed and tortured just to get his own way. Anyone who got in his path would feel his wrath. Sometimes he would be knocked down, but he would always get back up again.

Since laying eyes on Hope, he has wanted to be a better man. He’s wanted Hope to be proud to call him “dad.” The best way to do that is through a sacrifice. It wouldn’t be the first time Klaus has sacrificed himself to save his family. The Originals Season 3 saw him allow Marcel to win to save the lives of his siblings.

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Hayley isn’t technically a Mikaelson but she’s close enough. Plus, she’s Hope’s mom so she needs to be included on the list. Hayley’s momma-bear instincts will come out, and she will do anything she can to keep her daughter safe.

While she may offer her life, it’s unlikely that it would be enough. Vincent made a point to say that it would be the end of the Mikaelson family. As I’ve said, Hayley isn’t a Mikaelson.


Elijah will do anything to make Hayley happy. He will also do anything to keep his family safe. This is a man who is no stranger to putting family first. While he will have Klaus fighting with him to be the sacrifice, Elijah is the older brother and will make sure Hope still has a father.

There would be a bittersweet element to his sacrifice. Not only would he protect his niece, but he would protect Hayley. He would prevent Hayley having to feel the hurt and pain of losing her daughter.


Out of all the Mikaelson siblings, Rebekah seems the most likely to sacrifice herself. To start with, Claire Holt isn’t a series regular and that makes her dispensable. There is also the fact that she has never really liked her vampire life. To her, sacrificing her life to save her niece would mean bringing an end in a remarkable and selfless way.

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Kol is the least likely member of the family to sacrifice himself. He has a selfish streak like Klaus, but doesn’t have quite the same connection to Hope or the rest of the family to do this. However, it’s a Mikaelson tradition of “always and forever” that may make him feel the need to offer his life. He may also want to mend a few bridges with Klaus, but won’t actually mean to go through with it.

There are other characters worth mentioning. Vincent may find a way that involves his sacrifice instead, or Marcel may be the one to step up and bring a complete end to the Marcel/Mikaelson feud by being the sacrifice. There is also Freya, but she and Vincent will probably be needed to carry out the spell. Freya’s also an LGBT character, and Julie Plec and the writers will not want to fall into the Gay Trope issue again like The Vampire Diaries did.

Who do you think will be the one to sacrifice themselves in The Originals? Share in the comments below.

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