The Originals features the reunion of Klaus with his old friend Marcel in New Orleans. Their relationship is built on a strong bond, though one that will be tested. Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis spoke to reporters at Comic-Con about their challenging relationship and the power struggle to come.

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Charlies Michael Davis (Marcel) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • On Marcel, “I think I’m a good guy. I’m just a little misunderstood. My intentions are good. Yeah. We’ll see just how bad.” 
  • On on the Marcel-Klaus relationship: Full brotherly relationship. There’s a camaraderie  but they are competitive with each other. Two parts of one whole. Takes work like marriage. They have a deep relationship that has spanned 100s of years.
  • The witches play a huge role in who controls New Orleans.
  • The show films primarily in Atlanta, but they make trips to New Orleans.
  • Marcel is the self-appointed King of New Orleans. Camille could fill the role of his Queen. 
  • Camille’s beautiful, intelligent, spunky, a woman. He’s looking for the full package. She’s not judgmental.
  • Good chemistry between Marcel and Camille.
  • In the premiere, viewers will see how Marcel is able to keep control.
  • The Originals is a more adult show than The Vampire Diaries.

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Joseph Morgan (Klaus) Interview

Highlights from the interview:

  • If Klaus had to chose between being King or being a father in the premiere, he’s all about what can get him the most power. He’d want to be King.
  • Going forward, Morgan hopes that Klaus embraces the idea of being a father. He finds the idea of “this monster that has a tiny little baby.”
  • “Right now, he’s all about the throne.”
  • Klaus is a little torn about wanting to take the power from Marcel. They have a long, strong relationship. It’s almost like a father-son bond.
  • Klaus is also insulted by Marcel’s belief that he can rule. Klaus is needy

The Originals premieres on Thursday, October 3 at 9 pm ET on the CW., 

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(Image and video: Carla Day.)