Klaus and Hayley may not be in a romantic relationship together, but they will forever be connected by Hope. That’s not all that’s draws them closer as Hayley turns to Klaus for help accepting her transition to a Hybrid.

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At San Diego Comic-Con, Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin spoke with reporters about life behind the compound walls when the show picks up three months after the finale. Check out their video interviews and highlights below.

Interview with Joseph Morgan

Highlights from interview:

  • They have locked themselves away. Klaus is like a “caged animal and chomping at the bit to get revenge from those who wronged him and contributed to him sending away from this daughter. He’s not handling it well.”
  • “He’s just biding his time and waiting for the moment to seek bloody, merciless revenge.”
  • Morgan’s excited to explore the family relationships that haven’t been yet, especially between Klaus and his parents. It was briefly touched upon on The Vampire Diaries, but on The Originals we’ll see how they affected Klaus and the kind of father he’ll become.
  • “He didn’t have the best teacher” on how to be a good father.
  • Klaus and Hayley are “quite distant” from each other. They remind the other about what’s been lost. 
  • Elijah encourages Klaus to help Hayley adapt to being a Hybrid. “Teacher and student” relationship develops.
  • Morgan was told not to discuss whether or not Klaus knows about Esther and Mikael. “That’s an answer in itself.”
  • Marcel’s exiled and tries to bring all the vampires together, “including Josh, everybody’s favorite. He’s so funny and charming. He was supposed to die after three episodes. I was supposed to put his head in a box. It never happened, he’s too good.”
  • Klaus loves Marcel like a son. They both want the throne. Marcel probably deserves it and Klaus knows that. They will interact.

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Interview with Phoebe Tonkin

Highlights from interview:

  • Season 2 picks up 3 months after the finale. Emotions are still fresh but different relationships are built and walked away from.
  • “I just don’t think that Hayley’s priority right now is romance. I think she’s closing herself off with Klaus.” 
  • There was a scene cut from the finale between Hayley and Elijah. There’s no handbook for what to do as a Hybrid. She started the day as a Werewolf and a mother then became a Hybrid. She was weak and didn’t want to feed. In the cut scene, Elijah gave her his arm, and she instinctively knew what to do with it.
  • Hayley needs blood to live now.
  • The Werewolves respect her as the remaining member of the royal line. She’s a Hybrid now, so she has to prove her loyalty to “her people.” Jackson continues to supports her. 
  • Oliver will cause some issues and problems between Hayley and Jackson. She proves she’s still the same person.
  • She’s not sure if Hayley and Tyler will interact, but she’d like to have more crossovers.
  • Hayley and Rebekah didn’t know each other well, but Rebekah helped protect here. All Rebekah has wanted is to have a child and be a mom. She’s confident in Rebekah.
  • Hayley hasn’t said goodbye to the baby for good, but New Orleans isn’t safe since it’s a war zone. She does want to bring Hope home at some point.

The Originals Season 2 premieres on Monday, October 6 at 8pm ET on the CW.

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