Whoa! What an hour of television. Have you caught your breathe? Stopped the tears from flowing? 

The Suits summer finale started out intense in the aftermath of Louis’ resignation, but the final five minutes took that and cranked it up to explosive. Kudos to Rick Hoffman for an extraordinary and impassioned performance.

USA Network historically hasn’t received much notice when awards season comes around, but that should change. “This is Rome” showcased one of the top performances of the year from Rick Hoffman. Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres were also exceptional playing against Hoffman’s rage. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Amanda Schull’s tear-inducing final scene.

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I certainly hope we get to see Katrina again, though Schull is currently filming her new show for Syfy, 12 Monkeys. Both series shoot in Toronto and are produced by Universal Cable Productions so it’s certainly possible for her to continue to make appearances on Suits. Louis is going to need someone loyal to him at the firm whatever it ends up being named.

Let’s break down the hour!

“This is Rome”

In the aftermath of Louis’ resignation, he was jobless and without much hope for finding something new in New York without having something to bring with him to the new firm. His non-compete clause in his partnership contract forbid him from taking any of the exciting clients with them.

Louis went to Harvey to ask for the firm’s permission to take only three clients with him and ones that he personally brought into the firm. Being on Louis’ side, Harvey attempted to get Jessica to agree, but she was adamant that Louis get nothing.

Jessica disdain for Louis and hard line was unflattering and unnecessary. What was she trying to prove with how she’s treated Louis? Harvey has gotten away with so much more, but not Louis. No. He got the hard line from her. It’s unfortunate and ended up costing Jessica more than she could possibly imagine.

Harvey got Louis a job offer with Procter and Gamble, but Louis didn’t bite. He’s a gladiator, just like Harvey. He knew it was a bad deal. He wasn’t going to Ohio. With Donna’s prodding, Harvey set up Louis with a job interview in Boston. It’s not New York, but Sheila’s there.

“Never Let Go”

Louis went to the love of his life and told Sheila the good news. He loves her, wants her back in his life, is okay without kids and is moving to Boston. She told him she would run into his arms and “never let go.”

Until she did just that. She let go. Louis is brilliant and smart, yet he hasn’t quite grasped the right way to woo a woman. He’s words were a little too truthful and missed the essence of what he was trying to get across.

Devastated by Sheila’s dismissal, Louis skipped the job interview and fell into a pit of despair. To try and cheer him up, Mike went to see him and brought his belongings from the office. I’m not sure why Mike though it was a good idea for him to go over Donna, but it ended up being a critical move in the end.

Mike used his connection with Robert Zane to get Louis an interview there. When Rachel found out she warned that there would be strings attached, but Mike didn’t care. He was just happy that he could help and payback Louis.


The job with Robert Zane came with the condition that Louis bring one of Pearson Specter’s clients with him. He tried to get one of his own clients, but Katrina stopped him. Instead, she tipped him off that the firm was going to have to give up VersaLife.

She proved her loyalty to Louis by giving him what he needed and got a new job for herself. If Pearson Specter was going to have to give up the client anyway, there wasn’t any harm, right? Not so much.

Harvey found out and was furious that Louis turned on him after all he tried to do to help his friend. This was a major break in their friendship. It was war. Harvey was more determined than ever to get VersaLife back.

And Mike found the answer. They went to Gillis and suggested that he buy one division of VersaLife that was working on an addiction drug. It was a win-win for both of them, if Gillis could put aside his anger at what Mike did.

Mike proclaimed that he would regret what he did for the rest of his life and Gillis went for it. Pearson Specter won Versalife back, Louis was out of a job and so was Katrina. It was bad enough that Jessica came to get her to resign and even worse when she rubbed it in her face that there was not job waiting for her. Jessica turned nasty!

The Key

It all came down to a key. Mike wanted to get Louis to reminisce to lift his spirits and instead he let his secret be known. Mike never went to Harvard. If he did, he would have had a key of his own and know what it was all about. Sometimes, it’s the tiny things that bring down a big lie.

Louis went to confront Harvey and Donna found him instead. In a heartbreaking confrontation, Louis told her he knew the truth and threatened to call Sheila and report the fraud. Donna stopped him from making the call.

He was crushed that out of everyone that Donna, his dear friend, would keep something so important from him. Their confrontation was brutal and utterly crushing to watch. Their friendship will never be the same again. 

Louis headed to Jessica’s office next and at least Donna was able to warn her before he walked in.

Pearson Specter Litt?

Was Louis more upset that he wasn’t let in on Mike’s secret? Or that he was fired for his mistake, while Harvey ended up becoming Named Partner after he hired Mike? It was a combination of the two, but where Jessica is concerned it was the latter. 

She cut him off for his mistake and poor judgment, yet she continued to let a fraud work at the firm which put it and every single case he worked on at risk. There isn’t even a close comparison between what Louis did and the fraud that Harvey continued to perpetuate. 

Jessica was right when she called Louis out for what he really wanted. He didn’t want to see her arrested or the firm brought down. He wanted his name on the door. This was the opportunity for him to get what he’s always wanted, even if it wasn’t with the respect.

With three words, Louis made his demand clear. PEARSON SPECTER LITT!

Will he get what he demanded? Probably. I hope he does. The work environment will be an emotional roller coaster with Louis feeling betrayed by Jessica, Harvey, Donna and Mike. Will he feel the need to let Rachel in on the secret to protect her? And how will he feel when he finds out she already knew? 

I can’t wait to find out! The final six episode of Season 4 are sure to be a wild ride. And Suits has already been renewed for Season 5, so there’s plenty more to tell.

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