The 100 ended season 1 by revealing the shocking White Room on Mount Weather. It was as different an environment as you could get from where the 100 and the Grounders have been living.

Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg spoke to reporters at San Diego Comic-Con about the first few minutes of the season 2 premiere, the Mountain Men, the new arrivals to Earth, a Grounder language and much more.

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Check out the video interview and highlights below.

Interview with Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg

Highlights from the interview:

  • The season is about reunions and groups coming together who may not want to, but have to out of necessity and in response to a greater threat.
  • The Grounders are doing what they need to do to survive. They have their own language. Anya, Tristian, and Lincoln have spoken English, because that’s their enemy’s language. The warriors need to know English.
  • Lincoln is teaching Octavia the Grounder’s language, so she can communicate where they are headed.
  • The Mountain Men were introduced in episode 10 by Lincoln. The teaser for the season 2 premiere shows Clarke breaking out of the White Room, taking a hostage and demanding to see her friends. 
  • Clarke’s taken somewhere and that is a big shocker and will reveal a lot about the Mountain Men.
  • There have been clues about the Mountain Men, including the painting, the automatic rifles, the White Room itself. 
  • Season 2 will be shown through other points of view. Lincoln’s home will be explored. The primarily point of view will still be the same characters, though they are all separated when the season begins. 
  • Mount Weather will be seen through Clarke, Monty and others there. 
  • Abby and Kane’s group will show another aspect. What happens when “mom and dad” show up? They don’t know anything about the ground while the original group understands the environment.
  • A new set is a big ship that landed in the middle of the forest. It’s not the one that Abby and Kane dropped down on. There will be 100s of people there and they will wonder what happened to the kids. That will be a big mystery as the season begins.

The 100 Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 22 at 9pm ET on the CW.

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