Louis’ world crumbled on last Wednesday’s “Gone,” when he resigned from Pearson Specter and left his family behind. On the Suits summer finale, “This is Rome,” Louis attempts to move forward in his personal and professional lives. I spoke with Rick Hoffman about Louis’ mistakes, relationship with Harvey and current state of mind.

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Stop back tomorrow for more from Hoffman about the epic conclusion of the summer finale and what’s coming up next for Louis Litt. 

How has the reaction been to last week’s episode?

It’s been amazing. People walking up to me on the street asking me to please come back. People wanting to know if I’m coming back. It worked well that I was out of the country for the last few weeks. If anyone finds out before this episode, it won’t be my fault. It’s exciting because the stories are so interesting. Not just mine, but all the characters. It’s been an actor’s dream.

Louis has had a tough time lately. Every decision he made ended up being a bad one, even though his intentions were good. How do you think he ended in that cycle?

Out of his tragic desperation for everyone’s approval. As much as his intentions were so pure and good, he put his best foot forward with the wrong person. It cost him his job and friendships at the same time. It’s a very sad state of affairs at this point for Louis Litt.

Louis and Harvey went from being rivals to friends to having an uneven relationship with Harvey as Named Partner. Despite Louis’ mistakes, Harvey went to bat for him. Going into the summer finale, where do they stand?

This dynamic between Louis and Harvey has been pretty much the same since the beginning of the show. The pilot itself started with Harvey becoming Senior Partner over Louis. And then once Harvey became Named Partner, their relationship has been consistent, like Harvey has always had something to hang over Louis’ head even though it seems that Louis always tries to work harder and do more. Harvey’s just so smooth and things come so much easier for him. That’s been the main focus on their dynamic.

Louis now not being at Pearson Specter, I would imagine that relationship dynamic will change I think in a more — down to more equals. Harvey feels bad for Louis and Louis has always had a respect for Harvey. As we see it now, the relationship is as even as it ever will be. What’s to come? [Laughs] That could all change or that could all stay the same. We don’t really know.

After resigning, what is Louis’ state of mind?

Louis’ state of mind– he’s in dire straits. I think the interesting factor that has always been a constant in this show is how the characters deal with their own personal adversity. How they handle adversity? It tests who they are as people. 

It will be very interesting to see how Louis handles the loss of his job and how he’s going to deal with his personal struggles from here on. People could guess based on what his old habits have been. Will he have a chip on his shoulder? Will he rise above? It will be a very interesting episode to see. 

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on USA.

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