On tonight’s episode of The Office, the gang goes to a local bar for a little night out. And Michael (Steve Carell) is wearing a Kangol beret and calling himself “Date Mike.” Go figure.

On the aptly named “Happy Hour” Michael not so surprisingly gets kicked out of the bar when his attempts to impress a friend of Jim (John Krasinski) and sexy-backing Pam’s (Jenna Fischer) start to border on the ridiculous. Elsewhere, Andy (Ed Helms) and Erin (Ellie Kemper) do their best to keep their relationship secret from everyone. We all know that’s impossible in Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Finally, Dwight (Rainn Wilson) is having second thoughts about the pre-natal contract he signed with Angela (Angela Kinsey). Promo after the jump:

The Office airs tonight on NBC.

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Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV