I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. I’ve seen every episode, some multiple times. I have been a devoted viewer and fan. But I also harbor a dirty little secret. Towards the end of season four my interest in the show was starting to wane a bit. I found myself feeling ambivalent on Thursday evenings. I always got around to watching the new episodes, but I was no longer compelled to see them as soon as possible. I actually considered (gasp!) giving up the show. 

Then I saw the description for the season five premiere:  “A military doctor catches Cristina’s eye.”  Hmmmm … that sounded interesting.  I decided to watch the episode and let my reaction to it make the determination:  would I stay or would I go?  Then Owen Hunt stepped out of the back of an ambulance and the rest, as they say, was history.  From the moment McBadass (played by the terrific Kevin McKidd) arrived on the scene I was hooked on the show all over again. 

Thursday’s new episode, “Suicide is Painless,” will feature the Owen Hunt character and, through a series of flashbacks, explore his time in the military serving in Iraq as a trauma surgeon.  By all indications, his struggle with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will also be revisited as his past and present collide.  In anticipation of the episode I prepared a slideshow depicting Owen’s journey on the show thus far with the focus being his military service, his transition back to civilian life, and his on-going challenges with PTSD.   Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC.

-Janalen Riccinto Samson, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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Janalen Samson

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