Few actors get the same level of love and respect the fans of Supernatural have for Jim Beaver.  As the gruff but loving Bobby Singer, he’s as endearing a character as TV has to offer.  Though he’s only appeared in about a quarter of the show’s episodes, Bobby is an integral part to the show’s success, a guy who knows how to hunt demons but also knows how to whip the boys into shape.

Jim Beaver may not be in every episode of Supernatural, but it was easy to tell at the show’s 100th episode party in January that the show is always with him.  He’s had many great roles in his long career, but it’s the blend of emotion, action and dry wit that makes Bobby the one fans will remember.

When I spoke to Jim Beaver at the party, we discussed his favorite moment from the series (one that the fans will certainly agree with), what the show means to him, and, of course, Jared Padalecki’s noxious gas.  Listen to the full interview or check out the highlights below.

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-Jim Beaver on his favorite moment from Supernatural:
“When Dean comes back from Hell and shows up at Bobby’s door.  When that door opened and Bobby sees Dean, who’s been dead and gone these many months , and the realization, the shock, the distrust, the suspicion, the gratitude, all of that all wrapped up in one big scene really captures for me what the show is about.”

-On what Supernatural is about:
“It’s about fantastic events that aren’t possible in the world that we normally inhabit and at the same time it’s about deeply emotional interactions between very real characters, very real people.”

-On advice he would give himself if he could go back to when he first started on Supernatural:
“Working with Jared, any actor would be well advised to invest in a gas mask.”

-On what he would change about his time on the show:
“Everything seems to have come together wonderfully for me on this show.  Put it this way: I wouldn’t want to change anything.”

-On why he’s not a part of the legendary prank wars on the set:
“I’ve missed an awful lot of the pranks.  They don’t pull too many on me.  Why, I don’t know.  I think it’s because they’re afraid. “

-On his favorite Supernatural prank:
“I do wish I was there the day they dunked the water on the boys as they were coming up out of the trap door.  I would’ve loved to have seen that.”

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