Oh no, Little J. Looks like trouble is not stopping for Jenny (Taylor Momsen) on Gossip Girl. After the horrible virginity debacle this week, her luck doesn’t look to be improving. Agnes (Willa Holland) of the guerilla fashion show and clothes-burning fame is back, and it won’t surprise us if she has ties with Jenny’s drug-dealing and sexually frustrated ex Damien (Kevin Zegers). That partnership is scary, seriously.

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This will come to a head on Eleanor’s (Margaret Colin) very important fashion show, for which she is putting daughter Blair (Leighton Meester) in charge. Promos after the jump:

On the Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) mother side of things, after showing her true colors last week, Elizabeth/Evelyn (Laura Harring) doesn’t wait long. She gives Chuck the marching orders to leave the hotel. Never missing a beat, Chuck quickly realizes that dear Uncle Jack (Desmond Harrington) is behind the move to depose him.

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