They may have finally figured out Clifford DeVoe’s nefarious scheme, but the heroes of The Flash still have plenty of screw-ups throughout “Therefore She Is.” Meanwhile, flashbacks showing the origin stories of Mr. and Mrs. Thinker make it clear that the bad guys make plenty of mistakes of their own.

Team Flash

“This time we catch DeVoe by surprise!”

At some point this season, Team Flash will figure out that out-thinking the Thinker is never going to work. Right? “Therefore She Is,” however, is not that point. The heroes instead try to beat DeVoe to a shipping container, only to get soundly beaten by the bad guy. Later, the team fails to stop the Thinker’s plan to steal computers.

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Present-day Mrs. DeVoe never shows herself to be a paragon of good decision making, and, apparently, this is an ongoing issue of hers. The DeVoes got together in the first place after Clifford mocked Marlize in public. Does the woman have such poor self-esteem that insults are a turn-on?

It is also worth noting that Marlize DeVoe does Peace Corps wrong too: That organization is not really about non-American professors building high-tech water filters in tents.

At least Mrs. DeVoe finally decides that she is done with her genocidal-esque husband before the episode is done!


Simply put, Gypsy does not value Cisco as a boyfriend. That is a screw-up of monumental proportions.

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Newly stupid and adjusting poorly to that state, Harry is full of fumbles at the beginning of “Therefore She Is.” Failing to restore Caitlin’s powers, Harry then misspeaks while forgetting her actual condition. The team obviously has to find out what happened after this.

It’s therefore surprising that Harry is the key to figuring out the Thinker’s scheme, albeit with a psychic assist from Cecile.


Barry uses his superpowers well in this episode — almost managing to take out DeVoe at one point — but his social skills need a little more work. Probably, Cisco and Gypsy were always doomed as a couple. But Barry’s attempts at couples counseling clearly did not help at all. Only when Iris talks some sense into her husband does he back off.

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