On The Celebrity Apprentice last week, Donald Trump opted not to fire anybody.  It was the first time that had ever happened on The Apprentice and will probably be the last.  I agreed that it was a near impossible decision on who to fire, but don’t kid yourselves – if this were a normal season of The Apprentice, someone would’ve gotten the ax.  The problem with these celebrities is that they’re way too nice – no one will throw anyone else under the bus.  This week, Hydra and Empresario flew to QVC headquarters and gave a sales presentation on live television.

The episode begins with Omarosa gloating about Trump liking her so much that he moved her away from Piers.  Marilu Henner and Omarosa switch teams.  The teams are taken to a helicopter tarmac.  There are two choppers.  The teams are going to travel to QVC headquarters in Pennsylvania.  Each team will pick a product and the produce, write and direct a ten-minute live presentation.  Marilu will be the PM for Hydra, Stephen Baldwin for Empresario. 

Piers wants to go back to the well and use Lennox’s celebrity power to sell their product.  Piers says that Lennox is sleepy because he was out drinking the night before.  Lennox doesn’t want to be used to sell anymore – he wants to be behind the scenes.  The teams view six products, and they have to choose one to sell.  At Empresario, Trace Adkins wants to take the ladder/hand truck product.  Everyone agrees.  Hydra wants the ladder to.  The teams flip a coin and Hydra wins out.  Empresario takes their second choice – a cool lightweight sweeper.  They decide Marilu will be the on-air talent.  She practices.

Empresario decides to make Trace the on-air talent.  Each team had the option of putting two team members on air or using a QVC co-host.  Both teams opt to use the co-host.  Marilu tries to wheel the co-host in the hand cart, but drops him.  Stephen doesn’t think that Trace and the co-host should rehearse.  Omarosa wants a rehearsal.  Stephen thinks that Trace will be fin on live TV.

Donald Jr. shows up and sees each team.  Hydra is far more prepared, except that Marilu talks a lot.  Lennox is super excited to direct Marilu on camera.  Hydra goes first and Marilu seems pretty comfortable on camera.  Donald Trump watches live from New York.  Marilu is super excited, but she talks way, way too much.  Hydra is pretty happy with what they did. 

Empresario is ready to go.  Trace is really, really nervous, especially because he got zero rehearsals.  Trace is really natural, really easy-going and he does a better job then Marilu.  They were almost complete opposites on camera.  Empresario is also happy with how they’ve done. 

The teams are back in New York and head to the board room to hear the results.  Empresario sold $43,000 worth and Hydra only sold $35,000 worst.  So, that means Empresario wins.  In the board room, no one on Hydra wants to blame anybody.  Piers says that Lennox didn’t contribute much.  Marilu lets Carol off the hook.  Marilu, Piers and Lennox come back into the board room.

In the end, Donald Trump has no choice but to fire Marilu Henner. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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