I have a feeling that tonight’s episode will finally open the window for Big Brother‘s non-live feed watchers into how completely insane this group of house guests is.  Madness has ensued over the last week inside the Big Brother 9 house and we’ve yet to truly glimpse this on the CBS telecasts.  Well, tonight should be the night.  Also, if you haven’t been paying attention to the on line spoilers, you’ll be surprised to see one of the house guests unexpectedly leave the Big Brother house and another return.  I’ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates on tonight’s episode. 

Loooooong recap of last episode, as always. 

That Bible-swearing thing last episode was pretty silly, especially since the Bible was pink. 

Amanda talks about letting Ryan and Jen stay in the game gives them a double advantage.  This would be more true if they were playing as individuals, but I don’t think it matters that much with the team system.

Parker and Allison talk some mad smack about Jen.  Ryan seems like he’s fully in the game and isn’t going to let the Jen situation phase him. 

Amanda tells Jen that they wanted Ryan and Allison out of the game.  That was the reason for the nominations.

Parker and Amanda have a little thing going.  Amanda doesn’t look as good as she did when she entered the house. 

Neil is leaving the game for an urgent personal reason.  Joshuah gets to choose who his new partner is – Jacob or Sharon.  Obviously, he chooses Sharon.  Everyone is happy to see her return.  Sharon is uupset that Jen didn’t tell her about the Ryan thing earlier. 

Amanda and Alex have a little tiff.  Amanda demands that someone rubs her back.  So, Parker then gives Amanda a sensual massage.  God, I cannot stand Amanda’s helium-voice.  Alex walks in on the massage, and he’s hurt by it.  He admits to liking Amanda.  The man is jealous.

Ryan and Jen cuddle.  Awwwwwwwwwwww.  It’s a little much, actually.  They talk about controlling their respective sex drives.  So…they decide to sneak into the bathroom and make sweet love.  Meanwhile, Parker walks in to go to the bathroom and hears what’s going on.  He gets a good laugh out of it.  Oh, Big Brother bathroom sex.  It’s the best. 

The fake lesbians continue their ruse.  Chelsia decides to tell James about this.  To James, it makes sense.  His reasoning is that Sheila has been such a bitch to Adam.  James reads too much into this Rubik’s puzzle in the guinea pig cage – he thinks that it’s four different colors represents four secret relationships in the house.  James tells Alex his theory, which gets him thinking that Parker and Amanda had a thing going on before they entered the house.  To be fair, James shouldn’t have been brought into this.  Now, it’s Amanda and Alex and Parker and James yelling at each other. 

Amanda learns that Alex thinks that she knew Parker before coming into the house.  She confronts Alex about this.  Alex won’t hear any of it.  He doesn’t buy the “putting the hand on the Bible” defense.  Then, Amanda tells Parker about this and Parker confronts Alex about it.  Then it comes around to James, and everyone confronts everyone outside in the backyard.   Parker gets in James’ face and they have a little shouting match. 

Alex and Amanda has a little state of the union with Alex.  She admits that she’s stuck in a love triangle.  Alex says that Amanda walks around like a slut, because she prances around half-naked and hangs out with Parker.  It legitimately bothers Alex.  Sour grapes, my man. 

Time for the veto competition.  These are the participating teams: Ryan/Allison, Parker/Jen, Natalie/Matt and Amanda/Alex.

Joshuah hosts.  One team member has to hold on to an apparatus on a revolving circle.  The other team member spins them around.  Meanwhile, the person being spun have to keep their thumb on a panic button the entire time.  The first team to reach 300 revolutions wins the PoV.  I’m guessing that some of the spinners (all ladies) are going to vomit.  Allison’s finger slips off the button, and they’re out of the competition. 

Matt and Natalie end up winning. 

Matt talks to Parker like he’s going to use the veto on Parker and Jen.  However, Matt has admitted in the Diary Room that he’s not going to use the veto.  I don’t why he’d string Parker along like that. 

Alex says that he and Amanda, if they’re not going to get physical with Amanda then they shoudln’t get physical with anyone period.  Jealous much?  Amanda immediately leaves and talks to Chelsia downstairs.  It’s clear Alex is ridiculously jealous.  Alex watches all these conversations from the HoH room. 

Time for the veto ceremony.  After much deliberation, Matt and Natalie decide to not use the veto.  Matt says he would use the veto on Parker, if he weren’t paired with Jen. 

And that’s all.  We’ll be here tomorrow for the first eviction of the season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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