Last night, real-life couple Jen and Ryan spent their final night together in the Big Brother house.  Jen and Ryan are both up on the block with their respective partners (Parker, Allison) and one is certainly going home.  Now, I purposely have been staying away from the live feeds over the last couple of days, so I have no clue as to how tonight’s eviction vote will shake out.  I have a feeling that Ryan and Allison will be the ones evicted, but that’s not based on much of anything.  I’ll be here throughout the episode, updating as the hour goes along.

There’s going to be a fair amount of filler tonight, and this recap of yesterday’s episode is going on forever.  I say that every time, I know, but I will continue to say it until CBS stops. 

Hi, Julie Chen!  She calls the house “a fire storm of emotions.”  Julie’s delivery of that line was not a firestorm of emotions.

But, first…we get to see everyone gang up on Amanda.  We get a montage of Amanda doing a ridiculous amount of gossiping.  It’s incredibly annoying, and all the other house guests are annoyed as well.  It comes to a breaking point with Chelsia – she can’t stand hearing about Amanda talking smack behind her back. 

Then, for no reason, Joshuah goes crazy and starts yelling at Amanda – say she’s horse-faced, that everyuone hates, she’s ugly, etc.  Pretty ugly and kind of confusing. 

Ooh, then Josh makes a comment about Amanda’s dad.  It’s pretty disturbing.  These house guests are really unstable.  Good TV, I guess.   Amanda now believes that everyone in the house hates her.  Kind of true.

Jen and Ryan, yes, are both battling to stay in the house.  Jen tells Sheila that Ryan is racist.  WTF?  She explains: Jen once dated a black guy and this makes Ryan sick, apparently.  Later, Sheila tells Ryan what Jen said about him, you know, being a racist.

Ryan confronts Jen about this, and Jen plays it off, saying that she only said that Ryan has “race issues.”

God, this is annoying.  Being “racist” isn’t like having a disease. 

Jen is lying all over the place.  Jen, Allison, Ryan and Sheila all yell at each other for awhile.  Ryan calls Jen “a pretty bad person.” 

Why would Jen even say the racist thing, when she knows she’s on camera? 

Julie talks to Jen and Ryan live.  By Jen’s demeanor, it seems like she and Parker will be going home.

It appears that Matt and Natalie are voting to evict Allison/Ryan.  Also, Chelsia and James are voting to evict Jen/Parker.

Julie talks to Alex and Amanda in the HoH room.  Amanda believes that all is forgiven after the backyard confrontation.  Julie hits the “dead father” angle hard.  Amanda fights back tears.  Oh, Julie Chen.  Asking the hard questions. 

For those who’d like to know – Julie is wearing a very complicated scarf.

Josh/Sharon want Parker/Jen out.  Adam and Sheila disagree – Sheila wants her fake lesbian lover to stay.

Ryan, Allison, Parker and Jen address their house mates one last time before Chenbot reveals the results. 

And it’s official, Jen and Parker have been evicted.  Ryan and Jen embrace while Parker hugs everyone else.  Jen is a weepy mess.  They finally leave the house and get interviewed by Julie.  Jen tells Julie she looks beautiful. 

The interview is somber.  Parker isn’t very cooperative in the interview.  We see the farewells from the other houseguests.  Next, we get the HoH competition.

The competition is the ol’ Big Brother Democracy.  Six opinion based questions, teams have to answer what they think everyone else will answer.  The questions also come with consequences.  I will list them.

For the next 72 hours, there will be no hot water.

For the next day, the women have to wear swim suits.

For the next week, no one gets to use a drinking cup.

Sometime in the next week, the house gets a margarita party. 

The women will cook dinner next week. 

For the next two weeks, the house will not have a washing machine.

However, most importantly, CHELSIA AND JAMES are the new Heads of Household. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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