Big Brother 9 has gotten off to one heck of a start – it’s a shame that tonight’s episode had to compete against American Idol.  Not all that many people are watching Big Brother this season.  That was probably to be expected – it’s never been on in the Winter before and it is going up against some stiff competition.  Though CBS chose not to make a big deal out of it, Neil left the Big Brother house tonight due to urgent personal issues and Joshuah picked Sharon to return to the house and take his place.  That seemingly major plot development took up about 90 seconds of tonight’s episode.

The Perils of Jealousy

Main story of the night: Alex is very jealous.  Alex and Amanda were paired up, but things haven’t really worked out too well between them.  Alex has a crush on Amanda, Parker has a crush on Amanda, and Amanda feels nothing for Alex and something for Parker.  As a result, Alex is angry and jealous.  He takes the middle school route – Alex is mean and petty towards Amanda, accusing her of different things throughout the episode.  A massive fight breaks out after (catching my breath…you ready?) Sheila and Allison decide to keep their fake lesbian ruse going and Chelsia (who believes the lesbian lie) tells her partner James about Sheila and Allison, so in turn James tells Alex that (because of a Rubik’s cube in the guinea pig pen that has four different colors) he thinks there are four couples in the house with secrets, to which Alex throws out the possibility that Amanda and Parker knew each other outside the house (because they couldn’t be so buddy-buddy otherwise).  Alex confronts Amanda about this.  She denies it completely, but Alex is not convinced.  Amanda tells Parker about Alex’s assertion.  He confronts Alex, learns that James started it and everyone yells at each other.  For the rest of the episode, Alex is a paranoid creep.

Sex in the Bathroom: The Saga of Ryan and Jen 

Jen and Ryan are both on the block and will, in all likelihood, be separated after tomorrow night.  Knowing this, the two spend a lot of time together, cuddling.  They are both horny, so they decide to have a quickie in the bathroom, but they’re caught by Parker.  For the rest of the episode, both Jen and Ryan make it clear that they will both keep playing the game hard if their significant other is evicted.

The Spinning Wheel of Death

The Power of Veto competition involves a spinning wheel.  The female team member is strapped on and has to be spun while pressing a panic button with their thumb.  If they let go of the button, they’re out of the competition.  The first team to compete 300 revolutions wins.  Parker/Jen, Ryan/Allison, Matt/Natalie and Amanda/Alex are the competing teams.  Matt and Natalie end up winning. 

Matt Breaks Parker’s Heart

Matt befriends Parker throughout the episode and keeps telling him that if Matt and Nat win the PoV, they’ll take Parker and Jen off the block.  But, guess what?  Matt and Natalie do win Power of Veto and they decide not to use it.  Afterwards, Parker is very distraught and defeatist. 

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