On tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney shocked the contestants when she sent them home for a week. It sounds like a good deal except that back home, their friends and family aren’t on a diet. They’ll also have to survive without Bob and Jillian and make up their own workout plan. Jay looked forward to a little distance from the game after being the reason that his team lost the weigh in last week. He’s hoping to come back to the game with more passion and clarity than he had.

Going home means that some partners are reunited like Dan and Jackie and Maggie and Jenn. At each house, friends and family wait for that big reveal to see how their loved ones look after 58 days on The Biggest Loser ranch. As each contestant opened the door, they were mobbed, hugged, kissed, and congratulated. The Biggest Loser did the home visits much earlier than usual – it’s always the final four that we get to see. I love that they did this on tonight’s episode. It’s always a great feeling when their families get to see them for the first time.

Reality soon sets in and contestants realize they’ll have to fend for themselves in restaurants and in their everyday lives. Those closest to them can eat whatever they want while contestants have to count every calorie. While most are able to hold onto their willpower, Paul crumbles the minute chicken wings hit the table. Mark and Jay realize that while they’ve been working on eating healthy, they haven’t put that same focus into their children and see that a change needs to be made.

Back at the ranch, it was business as usual and Alison had a challenge waiting for them. Contestants will have to jump over a giant rotating bar and last man standing wins. Only three players on each team competed. Roger goes out first on the blue team while Bernie heads out for the black team. Roger tries to offer a draw with the black team but Brittany insists on competing. It was a good call since Brittany ends up winning and wins the power to make any two players weigh in 24 hours before the others, choosing Dan and Roger.

At their weigh in, we see what the two really learned when they headed home:

  • Dan: 11 pound loss
  • Roger: 16 pound loss

One thing is clear – those two really were able to apply what Bob taught them when they were back in the real world.  At the actual weigh in, the blue team kept their streak going:

  • Mark: 13 pound loss
  • Jay: 16 pound loss

The blue team is going to have to pull some pretty big numbers to stay in this.  Here are their numbers:

  • Maggie: 6 pound loss
  • Bernie: 5 pound loss
  • Brittany: 3 pound loss
  • Kelly: 7 pound loss
  • Paul: 5 pound loss

In the elimination room, the black team decided to send Paul home.  This week, Paul is recovering after having an appendectomy but we’ll check in on his progress before the live finale!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of NBC)

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV