Tonight is going to be huge. It’s the first results show I can’t predict with certainty. Last night was the most talent we’ve seen in one episode yet and it was the first show to actually excite me.  Let’s get these results!

The first group on stage is Debra Romer, Michael Grasso, MURRAY, and Nathaniel Kenyon. Since they mixed up the results last week, I’m not sure how many (if any) will be moving into the Top 10, but ideally it would be Michael Grasso and MURRAY, or at least one magician. I do not think Nathaniel Kenyon and Debra Romer will move forward. Nick announces that Michael Grasso is moving on, and the big magician rivalry has come to an end (FOR NOW). At least we’ll get to see some more magic in the finals.

I don’t usually have much to say about the Orville Redenbacher backstage party because it’s really weird and sort of like they’re having fun at gunpoint, but I really enjoyed seeing Maestro Alexander Bui kick back a little with that popcorn. Also, do I need to say anything about the performance from Le Reve? It was like Rudi Macaggi to the 10th power–so awesome.

The second group is Fighting Gravity and Jeremy VanSchoonhoven. AHH! Hopefully they will both move forward, but if it’s only one I feel that Fighting Gravity is the obvious choice. If he doesn’t move forward, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven will have only himself for consolation. Fortunately, both Fighting Gravity AND Jeremy VanSchoonhoven move forward, and the frat guys embrace Jeremy as one of their own. It was worth it going to the hospital and taking a semester off.

There are only two spots left, and before we give one of them to Jackie Evancho, we will watch Jason Derulo perform “Riding Solo” (ridin’?) in some black light moon boots. I think it was some sort of tribute to Michael Jackson, or was I just reading too much into it? And isn’t everything a tribute to Michael Jackson these days?  Next week Jackie Evancho will do her own Michael Jackson tribute (no, that is a terrible idea and will never happen).

Enter Jerry Springer to promote the live tour and make Nick Cannon a little uncomfortable. As much as I roll my eyes at Nick Cannon’s backstage mugging during the first 20 episodes or so, I think he adds a much needed youth to the show and Jerry Springer might make it a little crusty.  

The next group contains Haspop, Maestro Alexander Bui, and Jackie Evancho. Young Jackie got a standing ovation so M.A.B. and Haspop are probably shaking (and popping) in their boots. Although by the look of it, I’m not entirely sure Haspop even knows what’s going on. If it’s not Jackie Evancho, I will just fall down dead from shock. I will live another week, Jackie Evancho moves into the Top 10 and she was so sweet and gracious about it (and Pittsburgh got a shout-out).  And get this, she would spend the prize money on “something for the animals.” Everyone just got in their time machines and voted for her next week.

The final group is made up of Studio One Young Beast Society, Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, and Alice Tan Ridley. This is going to be really tough (once we lose Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon). I saw in the review from last night that Studio One Young Beast Society did this crazy backflip trick that I must have missed while I was being snarky, so I think they have a slight edge. The act leaving right away is Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon. I don’t envy the judges, but I hope Sharon doesn’t make her choice based on the resulting number of broken hearts again. Hilariously, Alice Tan Ridley fought her case with “I’m much older than they are and I only have a few years left.” She won my vote just for that.

The judges choose Studio One Young Beast Society to move forward and I am super crushed to see Alice Tan Ridley leave. I really wish Alice Tan Ridley and MURRAY could take the place of Taylor Mathews and Christina and Ali in the Top 10. But life isn’t always fair, I’m told. So Michael Grasso, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven, Fighting Gravity, Jackie Evancho, and Studio One Young Beast Society will be moving forward.

How do you feel about the results? Did anyone get robbed by last week’s Top 5? Tonight was a big night, let’s discuss it.

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