Sam Poueu, a contestant on The Biggest Loser season 9, remains in critical condition after falling several stories off a building on September 3. According to TMZ, which  first reported the news, the fan favorite is in the ICU of a hospital in San Francisco and can still recognize visitors.

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Poueu reportedly has a punctured lung, a broken leg, a pelvic injury and torn ligaments though the cause of his accident is still unclear. Fellow Biggest Loser contestant Courtney Crozier gave an update on his condition on Facebook by quoting Sam’s cousin and Biggest Loser teammate Koli Palu:

 “Sam Poueu has made serious improvement in the last few hours.  He has become very responsive to [fiancee] Stephanie Anderson and his Mother, squeezing their hands and kicking his feet. The head trauma has pretty much stabilized. He still has a long way to go but thank you so much for your love and prayers.”

Prior to joining The Biggest Loser, Sam Poueu weighed 372 pounds. He was eliminated in week 17 but ended up losing 142 pounds by the end of season 9. 

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In other news, it looks like Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper is gearing up to be the next Jillian Michaels now that the tough female trainer has left the show. “I’ve gotten possessed by Jillian a lot,” he tells  “You’re going to see me in a different way, not taking ‘no’ for an answer, getting people to stand on their own two feet.” What do you think of Bob’s new approach? 

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Meanwhile, there’s more to look forward to on The Biggest Loser season 12, according to executive producer Todd Lubin, who tells Entertainment Weekly about the show’s exciting new twists. In a nutshell, there’s the “Battle of the Ages” theme and the second chance marathon.

“The first day, they run a mile, which they’ve done before, and then [host] Alison Sweeney announces, ‘By the way, there’s going to be a marathon at the end of this season,’ which we’ve done before. But she says, ‘It’s not just going to be the final four running it. It’s going to be all of you. So no matter when you’re eliminated, you’ll have a chance to run this marathon at the end. If you win the marathon, you’re automatically a finalist on the show.’ I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but it’s certainly exciting for people who do get eliminated, because they know they have a goal to get themselves back in the game,” reveals Lubin.

The Biggest Loser returns September 20 on NBC.

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