CBS has to pack a lot into the remaining episodes of Big Brother 13. After tonight there are only two more episodes (the show is off on Sunday due to coverage of the 10-year anniversary of 9/11). That means in these three final episodes we’ll see two Power of Veto competitions, an HoH competition, three evictions, all three parts of the final HoH competition and the jury vote for the winner.

But before all of that, Big Brother 13 has a special Wednesday eviction. Julie Chen is here, but don’t be fooled: It’s not really live. The feeds have been down since yesterday afternoon, meaning all of this already happened.

Previously on Big Brother 13: The editors clearly don’t like Adam, saying he flipped sides “once again.” And Rachel crowing about how “this is for Jeff and Jordan” after winning HoH still bugs me. Stop dragging that dead weight along!

Julie Chen gets off to a terrible start, once again painting veterans Rachel and Jordan as underdogs and talking about how they overcame odds. Do you mean like overcoming the odds of letting Brendon come back, re-instituting the duo twist and catering competitions to Rachel’s strengths? Yeah, really tough odds.

After the Nominations: Adam claims that if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto, he might go up and get evicted. Um, no, that’s not a possibility at all, so he’s just being delusional. Kalia and Porsche say Adam winning the PoV and saving one of them to get rid of Jordan is the best possible option. They assume it’s possible because Adam says he wants to go against competitors and Jordan is the least competitive person ever. However, Adam is far up the veterans’ butts it’s not even funny, and he hates actually making moves in the game.

The Power of Veto Competition

It’s OTEV the Sweet-Toothed Shark! He’s hungry for some pie! Jordan claim that sharks don’t eat pies, they eat fish, though they might eat a fish pie. Wow, hungry for a fish pie? This is so dirty and suggestive, but no one is mentioning it. The HGs are given a clue about a former HG and must find a pie with that person’s name on it.

Jordan is the first person out, as usual. Anyone who keeps her is obviously not interested in keeping competitors. Rachel is out second. So much for the veterans, but why the heck is she so worried? If one of the nominees wins, Adam goes up as a replacement and the original nominee is voted out, it’s that simple. This competition isn’t nearly as important as anyone thinks it is.

Kalia goes out third and she starts crying. Rachel mocks her. I guess Rachel forgot about how she totally cried in the bushes after she lost a Power of Veto competition. Or the many, many other times Rachel cried when things didn’t work out for her in the game. It’s moments like that when I start to think she doesn’t deserve to win, even if she is playing the best game, because she’s such a horrible human being.

Adam wins with a question about Shelly who lost all 17 competitions she played in. I enjoy the irony of the fact that Adam has actually lost 20 competitions this season, if you count food and luxury competitions. However, I suspect Adam doesn’t understand the fact that, despite winning his second competition, he’s lost more times than anyone else this season.

Shelly in the Jury House

Daniele speaks up for Shelly about how it’s a game, but Jeff gets a little frustrated and angry. Shelly tries to explain that she wouldn’t have made the finale if she was playing with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is not really listening at all, but I’m loving Shelly even more. While watching the video, Daniele adds brilliant commentary about how it would’ve been awkward to straddle her dad in the PoV competition. She also adds that Adam threw another competition. Wow, Daniele is on a mission to destroy Adam in the jury’s eyes. I like it, a lot more than how angry Jeff is over the whole game nonsense. That guy needs to take a lesson from Daniele and let it go.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

After the competition Kalia cries a whole lot, but she has the decency to go into the bathroom to do it in private. She’s angry because she knows Adam won’t use it because he never wants to make any moves, and it’s unfair that someone like that and someone as uncompetitive as Jordan get to stay over her.

Kalia still tries to talk Adam into using the veto because it’s the smart, logical move. She says that Rachel and Jordan would take each other to the finale, so going to the final 3 with them is just plain dumb. Adam acknowledges this as true, so logically speaking, he should use the veto.

Instead, Adam does not use the Power of Veto. He says that people need to respect his decision. No, they don’t. Kalia’s diary room session says it best: “You’ve spent the entire game being what people respect least in this game, and that is a classic, grade-A, cowardly floater. So good luck with that.” Amen, Kalia! I hope Adam’s family saves that soundbite and plays it for him as soon as they see him after the game.

The Eviction

First, I need to say that for the third straight time, Rachel doesn’t get a one-on-one interview with Julie Chen while she’s HoH. I guess since they’re already helping her win the entire game they don’t want to give her anything else.

Nominee Speeches: Porsche thanks the other HGs for putting up with her nonsense and then compliments everyone. Kalia goes off and tells Adam to start playing like an all-star and not a fan. She also calls out Rachel for claiming to want competitors to win while keeping floaters.

Jordan votes to evict…PORSCHE
Adam votes to evict…KALIA

It’s a tie! Good for Jordan, keeping her word and never voting against Kalia.


Rachel’s explanation is essentially that when she says she wants a competitor to win, she only means herself. In the aftermath, Rachel doesn’t even know what she said. Kalia cries a lot to Julie about how she wanted the newbies to stick together. I genuinely feel bad for Kalia, because you can tell she wanted to win more than anyone else in that house and, unlike Daniele, she doesn’t yet know how to deal with the loss.

The HoH Competition

Now it’s Porsche, Adam and Jordan competing in a quiz based on what the Fortune Teller said. If you want to know everything she said, see her fortunes HERE. It’s funny how the producers make it look like the Fortune Teller kept them up all night. In reality, she went through all of them once before midnight, and then repeated them throughout the night. Also, Rachel didn’t actually come back for the repeats.

It’s a True or False quiz and whoever has the most points after six questions wins.

Question 1: Everyone is right.
Question 2: Jordan is wrong.
Question 3: Porsche is wrong.
Question 4: Porsche is wrong.
Question 5: Porsche is wrong.
Question 6: Everyone is right.


Wow, Porsche is pitiful. And Adam may have won, but I still don’t think he has any shot of winning. Of course he thinks that this will prove he’s a giant competitor. Yeah, you beat Porsche and Jordan in a quiz. It’s kind of like beating two one-legged men in the 100-yard dash. Sorry, but absolutely nothing will make me like him unless he wins the next Power of Veto and keeps Porsche safe.

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Thursday night we’ll see the nominations, the final Power of Veto competition, the live ceremony and the live eviction.

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