Things are moving quickly on Big Brother 13. On Wednesday night’s show Kalia was evicted and Adam became the new HoH. Thursday we’ll see the final Power of Veto competition, ceremony and the last eviction before the final 3.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Porsche won the final Power of Veto!

It looks like Porsche and Jordan were originally nominated (not that it mattered), but now obviously Porsche will save herself and it will be her choice of Jordan or Rachel getting evicted in fourth place.

This is great news for me, because it means either Rachel or Jordan will be evicted in fourth place. I was fearful of a Rachel-Jordan-Adam final 3, since then it seemed inevitable that Rachel would win, take Jordan and Rachel would be the winner.

With Porsche and Adam both making it to the final 3, it creates some different scenarios. Will Porsche evict Rachel or Jordan on Thursday’s show? Rachel seems like the safe betsince she’s tougher in competitions, but it also might make it harder for her to be in the finale. If Jordan and Adam are there, they would probably take each other to the end, meaning Porsche would have to win.

But if she evicts Jordan this week, then Porsche could easily make the finale. If Adam won, he wouldn’t want to go against Rachel at the end, and if Rachel won, she might look at the fact that a woman has NEVER won the game if she’s sitting next to a man at the end.

If she’s thinking about the final HoH, getting rid of Rachel makes sense. The first part is always endurance, and if Porsche goes up against Adam and Jordan and it gets started on the live show, it might be over in the live show as well with Porsche winning.

Either way, it was definitely three against one and the one triumphed, which makes me smile. I’ll be rooting for Porsche to win the final HoH, take Adam and win, Right now both of them have one HoH win and two PoV wins, while Rachel has three HoHs and two PoVs. Jordan, on the other hand, was just one win out of the 19 HoH and PoV competitions she’s played in all season.

Who do you think Porsche will evict and are you rooting for a newbie or the last remaining veteran to win the game?

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