Lots going on in that crazy Big Brother house.  If you thought last year’s cast was combustible, just wait.  The next few prime-time episodes of Big Brother 9 are going to be chock-full of intense character drama.  It’s hard to top the sheer audacity and vulgarity of Evel Dick Donato, but Joshuah from Big Brother 9 is challenging Dick’s throne.  Just yesterday, Josh let loose one of the most ridiculous and obscene displays Big Brother has ever seen.  Do you know that word that Jane Fonda accidentally let slip on national television last week?  Yeah, Josh drops that bomb a number of times.  It’s directed at Amanda for no truly specific reason (as far as I can tell…though I’m not an avid live feed watcher).  There’s a lot of tension in the house, which is a bit unusual for this early in the season.  I think, in this way, the team aspect has been a home run for CBS.  Forcing house guests to play with another person really intensifies the inter-house clashes and adds a whole layer of extra tension to everything. 

Big Brother 9 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition

So, the first veto competition of the season happened a couple of days back and this is how it went down.  Four teams competed: the two nominated couples (Ryan and Allison, Jen and Parker), and they were joined by Matt/Natalie and Amanda/Alex.  Apparently, the veto competition used the same hanging apparatus that was used in the Power Couple competition.  Matt and Natalie won.  Since they had been aligned with Amanda and Alex (though this doesn’t look to be as much the case anymore), Matt and Natalie declined to use the Veto during the veto ceremony.  Jen and Parker, Allison, and Ryan are still up on the block.

Of course, this means that Jen and Ryan will be split up after the next eviction.  Jen has been pretty clear that she’s not going to just curl up into the fetal position if Ryan leaves the house – she still wants to play and she still wants to win.  As it stands right now, the vote seems to be pretty close, but the smart money is on Parker and Jen going home. 

Things are testy in the house right now.  Amanda has stirred up all sorts of stuff, apparently, as she has a fairly big mouth.  Parker and she have been flirting pretty heavily, and this has stirred some jealousy within Alex.  Josh’s explosion yesterday was plain ugly – he even brought up Amanda’s father’s suicide.  Not cool.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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