If you’re one of those Big Brother fans who pay attention to the live feeds, you know that things have gotten a little wacky inside the house.  Hook-ups, people leaving, massive fights – anything and everything fans could hope for.  As it stands right now, I think you have to say that CBS hit a home run with their casting this season.  Now, if only those pesky ratings would improve.  Tonight, we should see the very first Nomination ceremony and some quality drama.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the hour rolls along.

Big Brother 9: Week 2 Nominations, Live Thoughts

We get the super, super long recap.  Is this all really necessary, Big Brother?

Ha…just noticed that Natalie spelled “athlete” incorrectly in the HoH challenge.

Drama is coming from nothing early in tonight’s episode.  James and Parker get upset when, after the memory wall is revealed, Jen makes an innocent proclamation that she’s going to win.  Parker gets mad at her.  I have the feeling that Parker is going to be a call-out specialist this season. 

James is kind of annoying.  That hair pisses me off.

Allison doesn’t like her situation – playing on a team with someone’s boyfriend. 

Good god, how much are these people over-analyzing stuff?  Jen is being bombarded again, this time by Allison.  Silly house guests.  I don’t like Allison anymore.  She talks mad smack about Jen to Ryan’s face. 

Yikes.  Amanda talks about her father, who hung himself a couple of years back. 

Everyone goes to check out Alex and Amanda’s HoH room.  Alex talks about his father, who he lost in the World Trade Center on 9/11. 

It looks like Allison is going to spill the beans to everyone about Jen and Ryan.

Adam is uncircumcised, and everyone has a good laugh about it. 

Parker and Jen decide to tell everyone about the Jen and Ryan secret before Allison gets to.  Good idea.  Parker first tells Alex and Matt.  Alex and Matt are upset that Parker didn’t tell them right away. Next, they tell Amanda and Natalie. 

I’m not sure why people are making such a big deal about this.  Anyway, Allison is now upset that she wasn’t told that the secret was going to be let out. 

Allison can’t stop using the word “like.”  Jen gets pissed at Allison.  Catfight!  Hey-oh!

Matt and Alex are becoming very good friends.  They decide to align and they will bring along their ladies with them.

Distraught, Allison and Sheila decide to try and trick everyone into thinking that they are lesbians.  This works for a little while. 

Sheila keeps irrationally complaining about Adam to anyone who’ll listen.  The rest of the house is fed up with her.

Adam finally goes and gives Sheila a verbal beat down in front of everybody while outside.  She deserves it.  Like an immature little girl, Sheila starts swearing and storms inside. 

Alex and Amanda get ready for the nominations.  The contenders seem to be Jen/Parker, Ryan/Allison, and Adam/Sheila. 

Sheila and Adam are safe.  Surprising. 

James and Chelsia are safe. 

Matt and Natalie are safe. 

Neil and Joshuah are safe.

Ryan/Allison and Parker/Jen have been nominated.  They want to break up Ryan and Jen.  Makes sense. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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