I’m curious as to how CBS is going to handle Big Brother 9. If they keep on with the couple thing for another couple of weeks, this is going to be a very short season.  I’m guessing that by week 4, the game will revert into one played by individuals.  This will actually be pretty fun because we’ll see if the couples remain in alliances with each other.  Tonight, well, nothing much happened.  Mostly, Big Brother focused on Jen and Ryan’s relationship.  That was ninety percent of the action.  It was a fairly boring hour of TV, to tell the truth.  Things should pick up on Tuesday with our first Power of Veto. 

Sad Stuff

We learned a lot of new information about some of the house guests tonight.  First off, Amanda talked about her dad.  When she was 21, a couple months away from graduating college, her father hung himself.  They were very close and, right before he did it, he left her a voice mail while she as in class.  She believes that had she answered, she would have convinced him not to do it.  Gut-wrenching stuff.  Also, Alex’s father was killed on 9/11 while inside the World Trade Center. 

The Cat Leaps Out of the Bag

Allison is at odds with Jen, Ryan and Parker.  It’s clear she’s jealous and angry that Ryan is actually in a relationship with Jen.  She is angry with her situation in the house and she hates Jen.  They get into a stupid fight about nothing early in the episode.  Afterwards, Allison makes a thinly veiled threat about telling the rest of the house about Jen and Ryan’s secret.  After much deliberation, Parker and Jen decide that they might as well just start telling the rest of the house before Allison does.  So, they start telling people and everyone gets pretty upset that they weren’t honest about it from the beginning.  Allison is even more upset that they thought she’d spill the beans.  But, the end result is that everyone now knows about Ryan and Jen and they don’t have to hide it anymore. 

Angry Fake Lesbians

Sheila and Allison spend much of the episode pissed off.  They become good friends.  At one point, they even start to convince some people that they have a secret – they are lesbians who are a real life couple.  Joshuah and Chelsia are tricked.  Later, Sheila continues to complain to just about everyone about her situation with Adam.  She says more very mean things about Adam for no real reason until, finally, Adam yells at her in front of everyone.  She deserved it, but Sheila doesn’t take it well.  She swears angrily at him and storms away.

Separating the Lovers

Amanda and Alex deliberate over who to nominate.  They’ve made an alliance with Matt and Natalie.  In the end, they decide to try and separate the couple.  They nominate Allison/Ryan and Parker/Jen.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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