Late last year, Hogan Knows Best star and pro wrestler Hulk Hogan expressed his hopes for the new year, saying that he is praying the troubles he and has family have encountered will “work out.”  However, it seems Hogan will have to wait a little longer for his wish to materialize.

Last week, Hogan’s wife and Hogan Knows Best costar Linda Hogan, who filed for divorce in November, accused the 54-year-old reality star of “legal shenanigans,” including trying to trick her into signing a post-nuptial agreement and hiding millions that were acquired through a real estate transaction.

A motion filed by her attorneys last Wednesday states Linda’s request for a judge to step in and hinder Hulk Hogan from using any money from the real estate sale, as well as to freeze her future ex-husband.

The motion, which spans seven pages, also has Bollea claiming that a “marital residence in Florida” was sold for around $10 million in August, the same month their son and Hogan Knows Best costar, Nick Hogan, was involved in a terrible car crash that left a friend in critical condition.
Real estate records show that the family’s home in Miami had indeed been sold in August, but that the price that had been listed in public documents was $17 million.

Linda went on to explain in the motion that her husband introduced her to lawyer Les Barnett a month following the sale of the house.  Hogan apparently made it appear that Barnett would represent them jointly regarding estate planning, but as it turned out, had enlisted the help of the lawyer in drafting a post-nuptial agreement that they wanted her to sign.

She said that the conversations led her to unknowingly give Hogan and Barnett “confidential information” that can be used against her in divorce proceedings.

The motion further states that it was because of these “legal shenanigans” that prompted Linda to file for divorce, and to remove $1.5 million dollars from their accounts due to his “suspicious” behavior.  There’s also concern over money that Hogan reportedly withdrew and placed into a limited liability corporation that neither Hogan nor Linda could access.  Only a third-party general partner had control over the money, and that person turned out to be Eric Bishoff, Hogan’s old business partner.

Linda and her lawyers have accused Hulk Hogan of not providing documents detailing his financial activity.  Such documents are required in all divorce proceedings.

“There has been complete lack of candor on the husband’s side of this case,” the motion states.  “The wife fears that unless the husband is enjoined in any matter from further dissipating, secreting or otherwise disposing of the proceeds from the sale of the Miami house, the husband will continue to spend in secret the proceeds received from the aforesaid amounts.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Tampa Tribune
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