Jillian Harris came on The Bachelorette to find love and in the end, she chose to give her final rose to Ed Swiderski, who in turn popped the big question. Of course, she accepted his marriage proposal and soon, the happy couple will move in together and is expected to marry within the next 12 months. But it all seems too good to be true. Word on the street is that Ed was still involved with another girl during his stint on The Bachelorette — a rumor that just won’t die.

If you’ve been following our Bachelorette spoilers, then you’re already aware of this buzz. RealitySteve was able to get his hands on an email exchange allegedly between Ed and his girlfriend.

The exchange reads: “So I guess we’re seeing other people now.” Ed responded with “No, I just need to wait until this show is over.”

Obviously, this girl is under the impression that they are still together and she just has to wait out the show. With this report coming out, it has also been speculated that Ed may have left the show for his girlfriend and only used his job as an excuse.

Ed having a girlfriend is pretty explosive compared to the other speculations that came out before the big finale though surprisingly, it’s not something that viewers were skeptical about.

Adding fuel to the fire, Radar Online is now reporting “multiple sources” confirm that Ed was still texting and emailing a girl named Bethany Steffen throughout his appearance on The Bachelorette. Apparently, Ed had been in a four-month relationship with Bethany whom sources say he broke off with right before going on the reality dating series. And once he was on the show, Ed allegedly started to contact her again.

Another source referred to the text as “more than platonic” describing them “sexy” which they say even continued after he had proposed.

“When the episode aired showing Ed as the winner and he and Jillian agreeing to marry, Bethany was stunned,” the source said. “Ed’s sexy messages to Bethany certainly aren’t of the kind a happily engaged man should be sending.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Radaronline.com
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