By now, a lot of people are familiar with Joseph “I’m nobody’s bitch” Tinnelly. The former US Marine was the stuff of online forums after he showed off his fiery temper on the season premiere of Hell’s Kitchen last week.

The New York sous chef is the first to show chef Gordon Ramsay this kind of attitude. Some float the idea that maybe Joseph is just a ploy to pump up ratings for Hell’s Kitchen.

Ploy or not, it worked, with some critics already predicting that this just might prove to be the Fox reality show’s most-watched season to date.

Joseph Tinnelly’s Background

A quick lookup for his identity will reveal that Joseph Tinnelly is at the very least a real person. The son of Mary and Edward Tinnelly, he graduated from the US Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina.

He graduated from Massapequa High School in 1999 and was set to specialize in culinary arts. So while it does not prove that Joseph wasn’t planted on Hell’s Kitchen to spur interest, his background is very much genuine.

Regardless of Joseph’s intentions, however, Los Angeles Times commented that the “most shocking” part of the whole Joseph debacle was the fact that a member of the US military would have such a harsh reaction to authority. He “so poorly represent the armed forces,” the article said.

Rumors about Joseph on Hell’s Kitchen

Some say that Joseph is nothing more than a ploy by the show’s producers in order to generate more viewership. After all, Joseph’s temper tantrums and fiery outbursts have certainly made for some good TV.

Others, however, believe that Joseph is genuinely passionate about cooking and that he has what it takes to be a successful chef. Only time will tell who is right. In the meantime, Joseph is sure to keep viewers entertained with his antics on Hell’s Kitchen.

What do you think? Is Joseph just another ploy by the reality TV show to get ratings? Or is he really as angry as he seems to be?

Source: Massapequa Post, Los Angeles Times
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Joseph Just a Ploy on 'Hell's Kitchen'?

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