The producers have clearly had enough of Ronnie and Jessie’s nonsense on Big Brother 11, so this week they’re giving a ton of power to America.

During the live eviction episode, Julie Chen revealed the return of theCoup d’Etat, a huge power that allows viewers to vote for which HG theywant to be able to replace any or all of the nominees at the lastminute during one of the next two weeks.

To vote, visit the official Big Brother website here.  I strongly urge everyone to vote for Jeff, mostly because he’s awesome and because, in my pre-season predictions, I chose him to win the whole thing.  But mostly so he can stick it to Ronnie and Jessie.

But choosing who gets the Coup d’Etat isn’t all America gets to do this week.  Once again, Big Brother is letting viewers call in and leave messages for the HGs that will be played all day long to keep the HGs up.  

You can call the Big Brother house at  1-323-386-2350.

The phone lines close at 11:50pm ET on Sunday, August 2, so be sure to call early and often.  Might I suggest repeatedly yelling “Ronnie the Rat” or “Lydia is hotter than Natalie.”

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image courtesy of CBS)

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