It’s time for an endurance Head of Household competition on Big Brother 11, which means it’s time to check the live feeds and follow along at home instead of waiting for Sunday’s episode.  At the end of tonight’s episode, the cliques were disbanded and a new twist was added.  America will vote for one player to receive the Coup d’Etat, and that person can change one or both of the nominees right before one of the next two live evictions.

So will this week’s HoH even matter?  Maybe, and the HGs are spinning around trying to figure out who will win.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains updates on the HoH competition.

Several minutes into the competition, it’s Jessie who’s the first one out. He isn’t eligible for HoH anymore, so this doesn’t matter. Following him are Kevin and Lydia, who lasted for about 45 minutes more or less. With the Offbeats gone, can their plot to overthrow the Athletes still continue? The clique twist’s done with, so who really cares? It’s every HG for himself.

Big yay! Ronnie’s out! At 6:36 pm BBT time, the great news dawns on us that the Rat won’t get a double HoH reign after all! Madame Neuroscientist Michele is apparently throwing up already, and claims she just puked bile. Not really something we needed to know, but oh well.

Meanwhile, Jordan is coughing up but she’s still around. There’s plenty of trivia on the feeds, but we get a fashion check. Chima’s in a dark green hoodie, Michele’s in purple, Jordan’s in her bright pink sweater and Russell the Lovemuscle is shirtless. He’s getting bored because there’s no swinging going on.

Swing, HGs! Swing!

Natalie’s out! Thus falters the hopes of the NBK alliance. All isn’t lost though, but aren’t most of us rooting for J&J? The need for change beckons.

Five minutes to 7pm and still in the game are J&J, Chima and Russell and one more HG. It’s the battle of the showmances! Oh, and Michele.

BB gives them gloves to wear, but Russell refuses them. The carousel comes back to life and waterworks ensue. The HGs are wet and the spinning quickens, as they’re flung around.

Chima gets some cheers from the crowd, and a minute after 7pm the rain stops.

Triviaaa. Triviaaaaa. Vomit attack! Chima couldn’t hold it in!

It’s 7:11pm BBT and the five HGs are still up there, with Natalie complaining about her lack of trash bags. The crane’s spinning slowly now, but Chima is looking more and more uncomfortable.

Russell regrets his choice not to wear the gloves and asks the eliminated Natalie for hers. BB doesn’t allow him the privilege. It was his choice, now he must suffer!

The HGs get a round of diploma poundings, just to make sure the high school theme’s still intact. Water’s all over the place, and Russell’s losing his balance. He keeps shaking his right arm. The camera’s focusing on Russchimichelle instead of J&J! Gee thanks, now we get more feeds of Michele throwing up.

None of the five is out yet as they’re still hanging on. Time to catch my breath. Oh no, Jordan’s out! It’s 7:37pm BBT and it’s all up to Jeff now.

Chima’s complaining that her “booty is in pain” and it’s about to fall off. Taking her with it, we hope?

The final four are still at it. Kevin’s cheering for Jeff, telling him to “hang in there.” At this point, there’s nothing more Jeff can do. The Offbeats and Jordan (and most of us) are counting on him.

Chima almost fell off, but hangs on by doing a flip. Here’s another round of rain and twirls. It’s a quarter to 8pm BBT, and Michele has one arm in the air but is still in the game. If Jeff fails (heaven forbid), she’ll probably be the only one left who’s worth rooting for.

The competition’s past the 2-hour mark and the spinning has stopped for a bit. There’s silence among Jeff, Chima, Michele and Russell. We get to hear Jessie and Natalie say how Jeff was right about being in the competition to win.

More waterworks ensue, a miserable Chima gets her hair drenched. The four are still hanging on. It’s past 8pm BBT, and the two remaining ladies aren’t doing so well. Michele’s groaning and Chima got her head hit with a diploma.

As for Jeff, he’s still around and he’s even encouraging the others to hold on. He’s either being shockingly two-faced or his usual nice self.

At 8:11pm BBT it’s Chima who’s out! It must’ve been that head-on collision with the diploma.

The swing isn’t moving for now, and the three – Russell, Jeff and Michele – are still hanging on.  We’re all just relieved that there’ll be less Jessie or Ronnie tyranny in the house this week. Speaking of the BB11 house, it’s open once again. Chima is blow-drying her fur hat – I mean, hair.

Back outside, the swing is turned back on and the remaining contestants slam onto the diploma. Jeff admits how tired he is! Veer away from signs of defeat!

Michele’s out too! It’s down to Russell and Jeff, and Jordan’s getting ready to give her man a pep talk. She says she’s thinking about what to say, so this might take a while.

Jeff suggests he and Russell play Rock, Paper, Scissors for the competition. Uh-oh. Bargaining. Not a good sign. They laugh it off while Jordan found herself some eyeliner and is trying to write something with it.

Russell, what have you done? Yes, he relieved himself while still hanging on and couldn’t even wait for the showers. He really wants to win this, or he just wants to prove that he hardly loses.

It’s almost 9pm BBT, and the two are still up there. It’s like that PoV competition where he and Jeff went neck-and-neck. Hopefully, All-American boy wins this one too.

Three hours into the competition, Jessie gets called to the Diary Room. Are things going to get worse for Jeff and Russell? Apparently, yes. The rest of the HGs are given pizza, and they have to hang in there with the knowledge that the others are busy feasting inside.

It’s getting too much to bear for the two, and they decide to come to an agreement. End this! They send the other HGs back to the house so they can talk. Jeff says he’ll give Russell his word and the two come to terms. Jeff just won’t give up on the competition, but he still can’t trust Russell.

Russell tells Jeff about his vote to keep Casey, trying to convince the other to believe him. Neither wants to lose. Russell wants a letter from his dad, but Jeff is really pushing for the win! They’re at a stalemate, saying they won’t put up the other as long as they hold on. They are seriously considering playing Rock, Paper, Scissors over the competition!

The agreement doesn’t push through, and they start swinging around again. Both guys remain in the game. Again, Jeff goes for Rock, Paper, Scissors but Russell just won’t back down. He says he can stay all night since he’s done this before.

Some of the other HGs are back out and Jordan keeps cheering for Jeff, but he gets snarky and yells at her to just go inside. The others just watch and Russell asks them all if they’re enjoying the show.

They’re looking really uncomfortable up there. It’s the stubbornness that just won’t allow them to let go. Jeff asks all of them to head back in, and even says “Jordan, get out of here.” Just when she fixed a plate of food for him!

The two negotiate again, Russell swears he won’t put up either Jeff or Jordan and with that…Jeff drops.

Russell stays up until everyone returns. He promises Ronnie to be his target next week and the others come back out. He drops, loses his pants in the process, and Jessie even offers to carry him.

That’s it. Jeff’s done. And as much as it worries us, Russell won HoH.


-John Kubicek and Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Writers
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