Big Brother 11 picks up right where it left off with the HoH endurancecompetition.  In the aftermath of the break-up of the cliques, Nataliewas upset because she liked having two big strong men who could keepher safe by winning.  Jessie’s stupidity must be contagious becauseeven though Jeff wasn’t a part of her alliance, he was still a jock andif he won, she couldn’t be nominated either.

Order of Elimination:

1st Out: Kevin, but he wins $5,000.  Maybe he’ll use it to buy a new wardrobe, because his furry pink vest is hideous.

2nd Out: Lydia, who voluntarily jumps off after her gay BFF is eliminated.  For her weakness, she wins a 42 inch TV.

3rd Out: Ronnie the Rat, and he gets nothing, which makes me smile.

4th Out: Natalie, who falls after projectile vomiting for about an hour.  She also gets nothing.

5th Out: Jordan, who wins the right to be a Have and to choose three other HGs to be Have-Nots for the week.  Awesome, because payback’s a bitch, and so is this delicious southern dumpling.

6th Out: Chima, after being knocked around like a rag doll for more than two hours.  Jessie’s hopes and dreams fall with her.

7th Out: Michele falls after two hours and 41 minutes, lasting longer than I thought a girl with a Ph.D. would or could.

With only Jeff and Russell, it’s time for Let’s Make a Deal: Big Brother Edition.  They ask everyone else to go inside so they can talk in private.  Jeff wants himself and Jordan to be safe this week, and he wants Ronnie gone.  Russell agrees and swears on his dad.  What we don’t see is that Russell further cemented his trustworthiness by revealing that he was the one vote to keep Casey because of a deal he made with the banana man back at the beginning.

8th Out: Three hours and 38 minutes in, Jeff falls on his own and Russell is the new HoH.  

Normally this would be awful, but thankfully Russell is much smarter than he looks and took a lot of what Cassey said to heart, mostly about being the fourth man in his alliance with Jessie, Natalie and Ronnie.  Heck, right now Chima is higher than him.

Instead of being the bitch she has the right to be, Jordan puts everyone’s name into a hat to find out who will be a Have Not.  She randomly draws Natalie, Jessie and Kevin, so it turns out God and fate are just as vindictive as me.  Sadly, Natalie has a Slop Pass, so it’s only Jessie and Kevin who get to dine on squash and squid.

Jessie and Natalie immediately try to get Kevin and Lydia nominated because they went out and got prizes.  Um, didn’t Jessie just win $2,5000 in a PoV competition?  I wouldn’t start arguing that anyone who wins extra prizes deserves to be nominated, especially since Jessie getting to be in a second season of Big Brother is the hugest prize of all.

Even more delusional is Ronnie, who believes America will vote for him to win the mystery power (aka the Coup d’Etat) to wield it for the forces of good, by which he means his alliance with Jessie and Natalie.  Does he really think people like him in the outside world?  Because Ronnie has entered Omarosa levels of fan hatred.

Russell and Jeff have plans of their own, mostly the idea of teaming up and becoming an unbeatable force in this house.  They’re both regular manly men who seem like honest and trustworthy dudes, so I am 100 percent in favor of this pairing, especially if they can take down the Ronnie-Jessie-Natalie-Chima group.

Lydia gets under my skin by sucking up to Russell with the most transparent ass-kissing ever before she throws Jessie and Natalie under the bus.

Next it’s time for Chima, Natalie and Jessie to throw Lydia under the bus, accusing her of lying just to save herself.  Chima gets high and mighty saying that Lydia is a dirty, dirty liar, but the thing is, they’re not lies.

Finally, Ronnie gets to pile onto the anti Kevin and Lydia bandwagon.  Russell says Ronnie is safe, and Ronnie once again gloats about how persuasive and manipulative he is.  I really hope Ronnie finally goes home not because I want him to lose, but because I want him to get a reality check and realize that he’s not a great strategist like he thinks he is, he’s just been incredibly lucky so far that Jessie, his one true alliance, is the only guy other than him to win HoH so far.

Nomination Time!

Russell plays Solomon and cuts the baby in half, nominating Ronnie to keep his word to Jeff and nominating Lydia to make Jessie and those people happy.  In his speech, Russell doesn’t even hide the fact that he wants Ronnie out because he overheard Ronnie talking to Lydia and Kevin about how Russell is a huge liar.  Ha, Ronnie was caught red-handed in one of his many, many lies, and it looks like the rat is going to die this week.

If this stays the same, it’s clear that Jessie, Natalie and Chima will vote to keep Ronnie, while Kevin, Jeff and Jordan will vote to get rid of Ronnie.  Congratulations, Michele, for being the swing vote.  I’m happy to know that you have as much contempt for Ronnie as anyone.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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