Last week, ABC revealed the identity of their newest Bachelor.  He is none other than Matt Grant, a 27 year old global financier.  This British hunk is used to the good life and is looking to bring a woman along for the ride.  He’s a lover of the outdoors, sports, and American women.  The youngest of five brothers, all of whom are married, Matt is looking to settle down and chose the ABC reality show as his means to do it.  He recently spoke to British magazine, about settling down and who inspired him to sign up for The Bachelor.

When asked why he would want to be the next Bachelor, Matt’s answer was simple.  He told the magazine, ““I’m a single guy, I’m a red-blooded male.  I have the opportunity to date hot American women. Enough said.”  He admitted that he has never seen the show before, which means he doesn’t know the poor track record the reality couples have had over the years.  “I was coming into this a little bit fresh and free from any constraints that might hit me from watching it,” he said.

In any event, Matt has already decided that he wants the woman he chooses at the end of The Bachelor’s run to not only become his wife, but the mother of his children.  He has a very close relationship with his father and credits him as being part of the reason he’s in a rush to start a family.  “Dad had a stroke at the end of 2006 and that really shook me. I want my kids to know my father, because he was a great father to me and I want him to be a grandfather to them. I wouldn’t mind [having] three or four kids,” he explains to OK!. 

Other than his accent, which he calls “geeky”, Matt doesn’t see too much of a difference between British men and American men.  There are a few things that set them apart, though.  “We drink more tea and have some crazy sports like cricket. I like to consider myself a British gentleman,” he said.  Twenty-five lucky women will get to meet the British gentleman when The Bachelor returns to ABC on Monday, March 17th.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: OK! Magazine
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Gina Scarpa

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