Here’s a fun game: trick one of your friends who doesn’t watch Lost (preferably someone who is indifferent about the whole thing) into watching one of the new season four episodes.  I did this last Thursday for “Confirmed Dead” and it was quite fun.  My friend was completely baffled by the epiusode – for a non-watcher, Lost is the most incomprehensible piece of television known to man.  No other show requires the depth of knowledge that Lost does just to even vaguely understand what’s happening.  Anyway, “Confirmed Dead” was met with almost universal love from the Lost fan base, and it also opened up a whole new box of mysteries for us to chew on.  BuddyTV readers chimed in with their thoughts/theories/observations, and I’ve chosen a few of my favorites to publish. 

RocketDigital brings up another possibility for the identity of the person in the casket.  I like the Inglewood connection, and it’s certainly possible that Miles would mean something to Jack and not to Kate:

Is Miles the guy in the casket? I think they wanted us to see Inglewood for that reason, but LOST has so many red herrings. The Hydra tag in the desert was insane. As was the whole John Edwards thing. I am confused, but that is what I love about this show!

DrJack expresses the wild theory of the night, and I kind of like it.  I don’t believe it’s the case, but who knows?

yep another great episode but one thing you are all missing. what if the re-caps of the rescuers are all flash forwards!! i forget the names but the guy with the beard crying at the start maybe because he knows the plane is a fake and what really happened to the losties. Same for miles cleaning the house and asking where it is, how did he know something was in there and was the drugs not the same as the stuff charlie was taking. Charlotte finding the polar bear in the desert. Maybe the deset is where the island once stood b4 a catastrophic event took place!

Jeter2Sucks brings up the possibility that Michael is Ben’s man on the freighter.  I say this is most likely, but I also think that Ben and Charlotte may be in cahoots:

my Theory is that Sun and Jin get off the island, Ben’s Man on the boat of the 4 new castaways……is none other then MICHEAL. His name was posted at the beginning of the show and was never shown, But his name was there so hes coming back to the show.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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