Last week, on a country-themed Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, Bruno Tonioli’s team failed to curry as many votes as Carrie Ann Inaba’s team did, and thus, they lost another talented member in Tony. So far, Carrie Ann’s team remains unscathed, still consisting of the six original members: Elizabeth, Mariel, Allysa, Chris, Qis and Bradley. Unfortunately, Bruno’s team was on the chopping block twice, and his ranks now only include Kelsey, Phillip, Zack and Lacey.

So far, the score is Carrie Ann 2, Bruno 0. What will tonight bring?

Tonight’s penultimate episode of Dance War has a Latin flavor. making me a very happy recapper. I love the Latin numbers the best on Dance War‘s parent program, Dancing with the Stars too. The big, combined opening number is “Dance With Me.”

Bruno says he takes more punches than Rocky. Ha! Bruno is the new Italian Stallion!

Carrie Ann gave her team a day off from rehearsing this week as a reward for winning two weeks in a row, and treated them to a day at the spa. Bradley was in his element, and Elizabeth teased him for his divatude. But very soon, it was back to rehearsal for them all for Latin week. For their first performance of the night, they give their best impression of Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga.” The boys wear white suits, and the girls have little white dresses with flowers in their hair. They do a great job, including a simultaneous lift and twirl. The normally subdued Carrie Ann is effusive in her praise, and even Bruno has to admit that it was a fantastic number.

After their second loss last week, Team Bruno’s team visited the Down’s Syndrome Foundation of L.A. to do some outreach singing and dancing. The experience is most meaningful to Zack who has a brother with Down’s. They went back to their red rehearsal room with their spirits buoyed from the good-will effort. Bruno instructed Zack to step up his sex appeal, but he had some trouble shedding his earnestness. Zack opens tonight’s first number, “Sway.” The song has a really sultry, steamy beat, not to mention PG-13-rated lyrics, but the way they sing it is very musical theater, especially the boys. I love their eight measures of dancing in the middle, though. If nothing else, Team Bruno has always been a dancing team.

In the middle of the night, the High School Musical stage tour perform “We’re All In This Together.” I have to admit that I am a High School Musical virgin, even though I love musicals. This number is quite infectious, with the pom-poms and jumping around and the sanitized guitar riffs. Excuse me while I run out and rent the movie.

Team Carrie Ann performs a piece from the Marc Anthony oeuvre. Carrie Ann is satisfied with her team’s second performance, but I can’t comment on whether I agree with her because my cable went out for a moment. Sadness! Unfortunately, my cable woes subsumed Team Bruno’s entire second performance, so I don’t know what they did. Deep sadness!

And now the results of the vote. Drew Lachey announces that the winning team is Team Bruno. They are on the board with one win. Bruno collapses to the floor in gratitude. Carrie Ann has to make a very difficult decision now. She immediately chooses Qis, Bradley, Mariel and Elizabeth. Allysa and Chris sing Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” as their last chance to prove their worth. In the end, Carrie Ann chooses to keep Chris, so Allysa is eliminated.

Since next week is the finale of Dance War, tonight will be the last chance to vote. To vote for Team Bruno, call 1-866-559-WAR-1. To vote for Team Carrie Ann, call 1-866-559-WAR-2.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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