We just noted that America’s Next Top Model cycle 9 bad girl Bianca Golden was featured on the runway last Friday during the show for Project Runway designer Chris March. It was a surprise to some since she wasn’t even in the final three.

However, the sassy America’s Next Top Model alum seems to be taking the positive from her experience on the show, and rather than focus on how far she didn’t get, she’s instead looking at the reality experience as a way to open doors in the modeling industry. She recently talked about her future plans, and also about how she wasn’t really the villainess of cycle 9, she “was just being really New York.”

“I went in really, really cocky because I believe in myself,” she said. She can see that for some who might not be from a fast-paced, in-your-face place like New York City, it might have given people a bad impression. “In little places like Arkansas, I come across as a bitch.”

Regardless of the fact that viewers might have had a negative reaction to her personality (although I, for one, will love her forever for her genius delivery of “Check your thighs in the mirror. And I’m done!” to Saleisha during one of their arguments), she seems determined to focus on the godo things she’s gotten from the show. For example, it gave her a foot in the door she hadn’t previously been able to manage to find.

“[Modeling agents] said I was too urban, too common, too tall, too young…I was 5-foot-10 at age 12.”

But her experience on America’s Next Top Model has given her the confidence to give it another shot, and she’s putting her studies to be a physical therapist on hold temporarily while she focuses on making it in the modeling world. She says if things don’t work out, she’ll return to school later this year.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Daily News
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