#11 Amanda and Kris

This dating couple met three years ago and fell in love over bonfires and s’mores, but not they want to take their relationship to the next level. 23-year-old Amanda currently studies at the California State University in San Marcos, while moonlighting in a tanning salon to make ends meet. 24-year-old Kris works as a sales representative for a communications company. They can both be stubborn when they disagree, but both hope that the race can solve that.

#10 Brad and Victoria

These two have had their past marriages, but they’ve since moved past those and have been married for nine years. This is the second marriage for 52-year-old Brad, who works as a distribution dispatcher. This is the third for 47-year-old Victoria, who works as a tax manager. They never meet eye-to-eye often, but they’re out to prove that anything is possible—especially considering Victoria was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a child, and was told she’d never run again.

#9 Cara and Jaime

They used to work as cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins. After meeting four years ago, they’ve become best friends, and despite having their separate lives—26-year-old Cara aspires to take up law, while 29-year-old Jamie became a police officer for a while—they’re still as close as ever. Good looks can be an advantage—people think they’re sisters, even though they’re not—but they hope to be more than that.

#8 Christie and Jodi

You can say that they have an advantage in this race. 37-year-old Christie and 40-year-old Jodi currently work as flight attendants for Southwest Airlines, and believe that their travel (and work) experience will help them a lot. Their differences are distinct—Christie recently married, while Jodi just went through a divorce—but they believe that it can be used to their advantage.

#7 Jennifer and Preston

They have been dating for two years, which is somewhat unlikely considering their differences. 26-year-old Jennifer is a nursing student who enjoys spontaneity, while 28-year-old Preston is a software engineer who is laid back and is used to sticking to a routine. They’ve broken up and made up many times, and the race is a test for both, to see whether they should stick it out together or end it outright.

#6 Lakisha and Jennifer

These sisters are very athletic, having been former Division 1 College athletes, but apart from that they’re very different. 28-year-old LaKisha is a basketball coach and youth program coordinator, while 24-year-old Jennifer is a marketing assistant. One’s analytical and the other’s creative; one’s patient while the other’s energetic; but both have a competitive streak, and claim to not fight.

#5 Linda and Steve

The pair have been married for 17 years, and the age difference isn’t a problem for them. 52-year-old Linda works as a customer service supervisor, while 43-year-old Steve is a carpenter who admits to being a perfectionist and a claustrophobe. Both are well-traveled—for one, they were robbed of their passport and all their money in Guatemala, but still managed to get back safe—and they hope to use it to their advantage.

#4 Margie and Luke

This mother-and-son team are extraordinary in many regards. 50-year-old Margie, a clinical research associate, has raised her 22-year-old son Luke, who was born deaf. He’s well-versed in sign language, and the two have developed their own form of sign language—and, perhaps, the ability to know what the other thinks, one which has happened before and, they hope, will happen again on the race.

#3 Mark and Michael

They may be small, at 4-feet-9, but their size doesn’t matter. The brothers both work as stuntmen, and have appeared together in different productions. 48-year-old Mark also works as a jockey, while 51-year-old Michael loves to surf. They hope to solve communication issues between each other throughout the race—and, perhaps, win it, thanks to their physical fitness and ability to make split-second decisions, skills which their profession demands.

#2 Mel and Mike

These two may be very familiar to some. 68-year-old Mel has worked as a filmmaker, writer, professor and pastor. 38-year-old Mike is a writer, director and actor—if you’ve seen School of Rock and Nacho Libre, yes, that’s him alongside Jack Black. The father-and-son team are both gay, and hope to spend quality time with each other, while outwitting the rest of the competition.

#1 Tammy and Victor

These siblings are a force to be reckoned with: these Harvard Law graduates will stop at nothing to win the million dollars. 26-year-old Tammy is a litigator who can keep her cool but can be immature. 35-year-old Victor is a partner at his law firm who is good at decisions, but tends to be a control freak. Each have something to prove to the other, and the race could be it for them.

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