John Kubicek and Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV podcast about Lost and American Idol. 

American Idol and Lost might seem like a peculiar pair, but really, they fit the same bill.  Both are shows with devoted fan bases, both are shows which spark much debate.  Fortunately, my colleague John Kubicek and I faithfully watch both programs and, for better or worse, fancy ourselves experts on them.  In our second Podcast of Glory (podcast title is still in limbo), John and I discuss the on going American Idol auditions and last night’s eye-opening episode of Lost, “Jughead.”  Although we aren’t really competing at this point, it certainly felt like I took John to the ol’ woodshed during our debate, but that’s a determination you can make on your own. 

You can find the full mp3 audio of the podcast below.

Among the topics of discussion…

Our favorite American Idol contestants of the past week, most of which were in Salt Lake City.

The pros and cons of the judges allowing more middling and mediocre singers through to Hollywood than in previous seasons. 

Austin Sisneros, the 17-year-old Senior class president, who has serious David Archuleta potential, in more ways than one. 

Megan Corkery, that tatted up mother who is getting a divorce, who I thought gave the best audition of anyone this season. 

Looking forward to what we can expect from the Hollywood rounds, which begin next week and continue over four episodes. 

For Lost, we covered a wide swath of topics, starting with the ramifications of the episode’s big reveal, that Charles Widmore was an Other on the island in the 50’s. 

The enigma that is Daniel Faraday and how, really, we still don’t know too much about him.  What are his motivations?  Could he be a bad guy?  Could he still be working for Widmore? 

The overall device of time travel, and how that has changed the game for Lost. 

Who is Faraday’s mother?  One of us is quite sure that Mrs. Hawking is the mother.  The other, not so much. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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