It might be too early to predict who’ll snag the title of America’s Best Dance Crew, but master choreographer and series judge Shane Sparks might have a few ideas in mind.  He recently had an interview with Zap2It, revealing some of his insights on how the show’s going so far.

“I think America’s finally getting it right right now.,” he exclaimed.  “[T]hey all have to come up out of their element and show a different side.  The one or two or three that impresses us the most are gonna be the ones I feel like will last on the show the longest.” 

Sparks also commented on the all-girl groups that have been taking the series by storm: Fly Khicks and Beat Freaks.  While he agrees that the former hasn’t quite achieved the perfect choreography he’s looking for, Sparks had a lot of optimistic comments for the latter. 

“Beat Freaks is going to influence the world,” Shane remarked.  “I think they’re going to impact the world like Jabbawockeez did.  Because there’s a lot of B-girls out there that you would never know about.  Some B-girls are better than B-boys and you’re gonna see that.  I still think that they haven’t done their best stuff yet.  They’re still waiting, you know what I mean?”

With such feminine forces reigning on America’s Best Dance Crew, the conversation couldn’t help but veer towards pop princess Britney Spears.  Regarding the recent challenge, Shane Sparks wasn’t too happy about having the celebrity absent on the stage.  Even so, he remains hopeful about other guest stars to appear on the reality dance competition. 

“I’m hoping we get somebody this year,” he said.  “I don’t know who it could be but it would’ve been perfect for her to come here – it would’ve set the tone for our whole season.  But we’ll see.”

Fans should expect more surprises as America’s Best Dance Crew airs Thursdays at 10pm on MTV.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Maria Gonzalez

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