The world of Lost is growing deeper with the recent revelation that Charles Widmore was once an Other. This twist dramatically changed everything we knew about Widmore, his quest to find the Island, and his feud with Ben. Now all of that makes sense.

It also opens the world to a host of new theories about the show. Since Widmore was an Other, his entire family history is open for interpretation. Was he somehow related to Richard Alpert or even Jacob? And does Ellie, his fellow Other, have a deeper connection to other characters? I have a ton of new theories now, and if true, there’s a good chance that more people are related than we first thought.

There are essentially four assumptions that I have, any number of them may or may not be true.

1) Ellie Is/Was Charles Widmore’s Wife
The fact is that we know absolutely nothing about Penny’s mother, which seems odd since Penny and Charles Widmore have become such integral characters to the series. Given the new knowledge that Widmore was on the Island, it might make sense that his wife and Penny’s eventual mother was also one of the Others.

2) Ellie is Faraday’s Mother
While he was being led to the H-bomb in 1954, Faraday mentioned that Ellie looked familiar. This almost certainly was not a coincidence, so it would make sense that he knows her. Since she has the accent and would be about 70 in the present, the timeline makes sense that she could be his mother.

3) Ellie is Ms. Hawking
Of all my theories, this seems the most likely. The timing matches and both characters know about the Island and time travel. If the second part is also true, it makes sense that she’s the one woman who Faraday thinks could help them.

4) Charles Widmore is Aaron’s Grandpa
While this hasn’t been woven into the show yet, we know that Aaron’s father was Thomas, and that some of Thomas’ paintings were in Widmore’s office and home. Given that a mysterious client is doubtful of Kate’s relation to Aaron, this could easily be Charles Widmore, trying to get his grandson.

The fun thing about these four theories is what happens when they’re combined. If all this is true, then Faraday and Penny are siblings while Desmond and Claire are Faraday’s siblings-in-law. It would also mean that Faraday, Desmond and Jack are all Aaron’s uncles.

It would make sense because, on Lost, family trees often combine. Christian Shephard was father to both Jack and Claire. John Locke’s father was the man who Sawyer named himself after. And Ben was Alex’s adoptive father. For the characters on Lost, it ain’t nothing but a family thing.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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