For the first time in the show’s history, The Voice had a Wild Card round this week where all of the eliminated contestants from the Top 12 came back to perform for a final chance to make the finals.

Usually, during results shows, the final result is not known until literally the last few seconds. But on Tuesday night, they moved it up to the very start (with Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd and Matt McAndrew advancing) so they could fit nine Wild Card performances into less than an hour. It was a packed night, but they managed to get through everybody in time.

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After Reagan James, Jessie Pitts, Ryan Sill, Anita Antoinette, Taylor John Williams, Damien, Sugar Joans, Luke Wade and DaNica Shirey performed, we had the chance to vote. Host Carson Daly announced who snagged that Wild Card spot this morning on the Today show.

The singer who will re-enter the competition and have another shot at winning season 7 is … Damien! Take a look at the reveal below:

With Damien back on the show, there are some interesting stats to point out. Looking at just the Top 3, Adam Levine has two artists (Chris and Matt) and Blake Shelton has one artist (Craig). But when you add Damien into the mix, Adam now has all three of his Top 12 artists still in the competition. And not only that, but this is the first time in The Voice history that a coach has their entire team intact heading into the finals, as Carson notes in the above video. Also, this is the first time the finals has consisted of only one gender; in this case, it’s all guys.

This result means that next week’s finale will only see contestants from Adam and Blake’s teams compete for the top prize, and first-time coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams are completely shut out. Up until season 6, only Adam and Blake have won, but Usher broke that trend last season with Josh Kaufman. But now it’s back to continuing the same trend of the Adam and Blake Show. Maybe Pharrell or Christina Aguilera will have better luck in the spring.

In a way, it’s not surprising that Damien won the Wild Card spot, even if another singer was more deserving. Both he and Taylor John Williams had both just been eliminated at the start of Tuesday’s results show, after all, and their songs were higher on the iTunes Chart than any of the other Wild Card competitors. I personally think a singer other than those two should have come back, someone like DaNica. Then again, imagine being the person who loses out on the Wild Card to someone who was sent home before you.

What do you think of the Wild Card result? Did Damien deserve to re-enter the competition (he did win our poll asking who should get the Wild Card), or should it have been a different singer?

The Voice season 7 finale airs next Monday at 8pm and Tuesday at 9pm on NBC.

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