A look at the 20 hottest dads on television.

#20 Rufus Humphrey, Gossip Girl

We’re not that into the new domesticated Rufus who only makes waffles and works on the co-op board, but we still remember the rock star within.

#19 Bobby Cobb, Cougar Town

This big, dumb goofball tries really hard, and even though it’s against our better judgment, we still find him kind of charming.

 Bobby Cobb, Cougar Town

#18 Max Gregson, United States of Tara

Putting up with a wife who has multiple personalities isn’t easy, but Max makes it work and helps out with the kids, making him one very attractive father.

#17 Harry Wilson, 90210

He may be leaving the show, but it’s only because this hot principal would do anything for his kids.

#16 Esteban Reyes, Weeds

Nancy’s drug kingpin baby daddy, Esteban’s cool and confident demeanor helped us understand why Nancy fell for him in the first place.

#15 Tom Scavo, Desperate Housewives

Tom is good-looking, funny and tries his hardest, though he usually ends up acting more like one of the kids.

#14 Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

If it’s true that the sexiest thing about a man is a sense of humor, than Phil is the hottest man alive.

#13 Adam Braverman, Parenthood

Adam looks and acts like the typical American husband and father, the prototype from which all other men should be made.

#12 Jason Hoppy, Bethenny Getting Married?

Not only did Bethenny get married, but she also had a baby with Jason Hoppy, easily one of the sexiest men on reality TV.

#11 Hank Moody, Californication

Despite spending most of his days in a sexual fog, Hank still managed to raise a pretty cool kid, all while keeping the bad boy attitude that makes him so sexy.

#10 John Winchester, Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has played a lot of memorable TV characters, but John Winchester was the best, a rugged, hard-working man who tried to do the best for his sons.

#9 Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill

Not only is Nathan incredibly attractive (he is an NBA star, after all), but he’s a pretty cool dad too, as you can tell from how awesome his son Jamie is.

#8 Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy

This rebellious biker might be willing to kick some ass and kill a few people along the way, but he has a sweet side around his son that makes him infinitely sexier.

#7 Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Sure, he’s handsome, a great husband and a good dad to his two girls, but, the coach is a surrogate father for all his players which makes him even more attractive.

#6 Richard Castle, Castle

Castle’s charms and good looks get him far with the ladies, but what seals the deal for us is his fun yet protective parenting and great relationship with his daughter.

#5 Mark Sloan, Grey’s Anatomy

Not only is Mark a hot dad, but after the latest season, he is now, officially, the hottest grandpa in TV history.

#4 Seeley Booth, Bones

Seeley is an All-American kind of guy, and even if we don’t see him spend that much time with his son, he’s still a fine specimen of a hot dad.

#3 Puck, Glee

The too-cool-for-school jerk was turned around by the news of Quinn’s pregnancy and by the end of the season, this sexy bad boy was a smooth, mature guy.

#2 Don Draper, Mad Men

He might not be the world’s best dad, spending more time with his mistresses than with his kids, but Don Draper still knows how to wear a suit better than any man on TV.

#1 Baze, Life Unexpected

A little clueless but trying his best, Baze is a good dad and an even hotter man. His laid back appeal makes him the sexiest papa around.

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