We’re pretty sure Kathy Bates will not drop by The Office on a weekly basis next season, but at least her awkwardly spineless wingman Gabe, played by Zach Woods, will definitely be on board. The NBC comedy just promoted Woods to series regular starting next season, Entertainment Weekly reports.

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Joining Dunder Mifflin last season as part of the Sabre takeover, Gabe was supposed to be the mother company’s eyes and ears in Scranton, but all his efforts at authority were pretty much rebuffed by the good old Office gang. Needless to say, he’ll try again in season 7, when he’s assured of more screen time thanks to the upgrade.

Office producer Greg Daniels had said that Woods’ role as Gabe “fills the role that Jan used to have” because he’d be the guy “who goes from branch to branch whom people have to report to.”

Woods previously revealed that he planned to go back to New York while The Office is on hiatus, where he’ll spend time with his girlfriend, do some improv shows and maybe audition for some gigs. With the promotion, however, those auditions will probably be shelved. This Office role is Woods’ first on television.

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