Never mind losing regionals, New Directions — you’re on top of the charts again!

The fifth Glee album, the Journey to Regionals EP, debuted on top of the Billboard album charts, shifting 152,000 copies in its first week in stores.

The album, which was released last Tuesday, featured seven songs from the season finale, including New Directions’ Journey setlist, and Vocal Adrenaline’s take on Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. (So, yes, you can say Vocal Adrenaline somehow took the cake too, but that’s just one song out of seven!)

Journey to Regionals is also the third Glee album to debut at the top slot on the Billboard charts, following the two albums that preceded it: The Power of Madonna EP and Volume 3 Showstoppers.

Glee‘s win in the charts also beat out two highly-anticipated albums: the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse debuted at number two, while Christina Aguilera’s latest album, Bionic, is in the third slot.

(Image courtesy of Fox)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV