The summer is a pretty dry time for Supernatural news, but here are the latest bits of news to keep you excited until the boys return for season 6 in September.

According to Examiner, Jensen Ackles will be directing an episode of the show’s sixth season.  There have been rumors for a while that we was going to direct, and it looks like season 6 will finally be his time to step behind the camera on Supernatural.

According to EW’s Michael Ausiello, Supernatural is looking to bring back Mitch Pileggi for multiple episodes in season 6.  Fans definitely remember Pileggi as Samuel Campbell, Sam and Dean’s grandpa who presumably died after being possessed by Azazel.

Is Grandpa Winchester alive?  Does this mean season 6 will feature a lot more time travel?  I’m not sure how Supernatural could do it, but since she show’s biggest strength is the family issues the characters deal with, I’m in favor of bringing back all the Winchester relatives you can.

-Finally, you can check out a quick summer promo for the reruns of Supernatural‘s fifth season.  The narration by Chuck reinforces the importance of family, but for me, the strangest part is hearing “Fridays.”  At least we have the summer to get used to the idea of Supernatural‘s new night.

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(Image and video courtesy of the CW)

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