The 100 is back! I have been anxiously waiting for the season three premiere, “Wanheda: Part One,” and they really hit the ground running as everyone struggles to deal with the aftermath of what happened at Mount Weather three months ago. When we last left The 100, Jaha was introduced to the big, wide world of A.I. Clarke, meanwhile, had left her people after she and Bellamy killed everyone in Mount Weather.

And she makes a major transformation when we finally see her again. Things have certainly changed since they beat Mount Weather. Clarke’s gone, Jasper’s out of control, Lincoln’s with the Sky People, and Octavia’s with the Grounders.

Never, Ever Trust The A.I. Who Ended The World

The 100 picks up with Murphy getting trapped in the bunker right after he found out how the world ended. He continues to watch the video and learns that the guy in the video “let A.L.I.E. out.” The problem? She needs to make life better, but there are “too many people.”

As the video plays, Murphy slowly goes crazy. He’s been stuck in the bunker for 86 days and is out of food. The question is: Where’s Jaha? Murphy almost kills himself, changes his mind, and is magically let out of the bunker. He, like Jaha last season, follows a drone to the mansion. And there’s good old Jaha happy as a clam all this time. “We have so much to talk about and so little time. I found it John. The City of Light is real!” Murphy’s about ready to kill Jaha. But with the 86 days of isolation and the lack of food, he just passes out.

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Jaha’s basically lost it. He’s a whole new man who meditates himself into the City of Light. Jaha and A.L.I.E. explain that A.L.I.E. didn’t end the world. She saved it. Neither I nor Murphy believe a word of it and Murphy wisely makes his exit. We all know that he hasn’t seen the last of them though.

Jaha and some new guy, Gideon, find Murphy. Jaha says that he and A.L.I.E. converted a nuclear warhead and continued her work while they kept him in the bunker. Now they need Murphy’s help and he offers to show him the City of Light. Murphy refuses, but Jaha hands him the chip and tells him to think about it. They’re about to leave without Murphy when Emori shows up. “Told you he’d come back,” A.L.I.E. tells Jaha. It’s clear they’re up to no good, but where are they going? And what are Jaha and A.L.I.E. working on?

Lincoln and Octavia Are Fighting. Love Is Dead.

Bellamy and Lincoln have been training others to fight at Camp Jaha. Lincoln even gets a uniform. He’s officially one of them now. He even advises Abby on whether or not they should make runs to Mount Weather. If they go, they could look like they’re trying to get too much control and could start a war. But Octavia and Lincoln have been fighting over it! Love is dead.

Octavia feels like Lincoln abandoned his people and that he’ll never really be like the Sky People. They’re just using him. He wants peace and togetherness, but Octavia wants to go away to Luna’s clan. They wind up at an impasse. But Lincoln later goes to sleep outside with Octavia.

Who Is Wanheda?

Bellamy wants to go to sector seven. Abby and Marcus think that Clarke could be there, but they know she’ll only be found when she wants to be. So, Bellamy goes to grab his friends for their mission, but Jasper’s been “broken” since Maya’s death. They hope that getting him out to do something could help. So Bellamy kisses the girlfriend (that he apparently now has) goodbye after she hands him The Illiad.

They head out of Arkadia, with Octavia leading the way on horseback and The Violent Femmes playing along. Of course, just when Jasper starts having a good time, the tracking beacon from the Ark goes off, showing that someone from the Ark is in sector eight. Throwing protocol to the wind, they head to sector eight.

Instead of finding Arkers, they find Ice People with the beacon, which Jasper stupidly and recklessly just takes. They hold him hostage demanding to know where Wanheda is. The problem? Nobody knows who that is. After they win the fight, Bellamy gets a call to go to sector four so they split up.

So Bellamy and Monty meet up with Marcus and Indra who announce that Clarke is being hunted “by everyone.” Clarke has completely transformed herself. She has red hair, she’s hunting down panthers, and she’s living on the run.

It turns out, “Clarke” is “Wanheda, The Commander of Death.” Ever since Mount Weather, she’s become a symbol to people. And she has a bounty on her head now. The Ice Nation believes that you get someone’s power if you kill them, so they’ll break the coalition and start a war to get Clarke’s power. Bellamy, Monty, Indra, and Marcus end up getting caught in a trap while they look for her.

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Clarke Has A New Love Interest!

Clarke has an ally, though. She’s been coming to see a grounder, Niylah, who gives her supplies and lies when people come looking for her. And she’s Clarke’s newest love interest! (I’m just waiting for Lexa to come back though.)

Niylah has known who Clarke is the whole time. Her mother was taken by the Mountain Men and Clarke ended the reaping, so Niylah owes her her loyalty. She wants to hear about Mount Weather, but she and Clarke make out instead. They sleep together, but Clarke has a nightmare about what happened and ends up leaving. It turns out, though, that the guys Niylah lied to didn’t believe her, and they catch her.

Will Raven Accept Help?

Raven’s been struggling in silence. Raven’s old hip injury has started flaring up and Abby’s pissed that she’s lying about it and that Raven even pushed Wick away over it. “Fix yourself, Abby,” Raven snaps. Raven’s a very stoic and closed-off person. But will she end up accepting help? She and Abby make up and drink together by the end of the episode.

Can Jasper Recover After Maya’s Death?

So Jasper basically lost it after Maya’s death. He’s been drinking and he laughed while one of the people from the Ice Nation basically slit his throat. Raven and Octavia rush him back to camp after the fight with the Ice People, but Monty thinks he’s just getting worse.

Instead of forcing him to stay, Abby lets Jasper go when he wants to. Raven ends up having a guy play the Violent Femmes song and Jasper attacks him. Will he ever be OK?

The 100 airs on Thursday nights at 9pm on the CW.

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