It was a bumpy road for Chloe Bennet’s Skye and Brett Dalton’s Agent Ward in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD‘s first season. While the two seemed to share a connection, there was always something in the way. From an affair with Agent May to the ultimate betrayal, let’s just say the “Skyeward” relationships is currently Facebook status “it’s complicated.”

What will become of Skyeward in the show’s second season? Will Ward find a shot at redemption, or is he just a villain? Will Skye ever forgive him? And what’s up with Skye’s “powers”? 

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Cast Interviews: Clark Gregg, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Iain De Caestecker Tease Season 2

SHIELD left us with plenty of questions to ponder before the new season starts in September. Thankfully BuddyTV was on hand at San Diego Comic Con 2014 to get the answers straight from the cast. As usual when it comes to Marvel properties, the cast was decidedly tight-lipped. Still, reporters managed to get Bennet and Dalton to spill at least a few secrets about the upcoming season. 

Watch the full video interview and check below for highlights: 

Interview Highlights:

  • Brett Dalton is never tired of hearing “Hail Hydra.” In fact he’s so committed to the villainous organization he even showed up wearing a Hydra t-shirt. 
  • Where does the relationship between Skye and Ward go from here? “That’s an interesting question I hope season two explores,” Dalton said. 
  • What was his reaction to finding out about Ward’s true loyalities? Dalton said he spent the first part of the season sure he was going to get fired. “It’s this great opportunity, 17 episodes in, to essentially play a new part.” 
  • Lots of love for Bill Paxton.
  • “When you play a character they become like a friend in a weird way,” Bennet says. “When I go shopping I’ll go ‘Skye would love that’ and my friends think I’m insane.”
  • Dalton says the reveal added layers of mystery and danger to a character who was, on the surface, only a couple of notes. Bennet mentions it was a common complaint about Ward. 
  • “We love him now, man he was such a square before!” Dalton said of fan reaction.
  • According to Bennet we’re going to find out a lot more about Skye in season two, including finding out more about her parents. We’ll also find out, “Whether or not I am an alien or something!” 

What do you think? Can Ward be redeemed? Will Skyeward make it work or are they dunzo? And what’s going on with Skye? Share your theories in the comments! 

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Morgan Glennon

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