If this week is anything like last week in the Big Brother house, the feeds will be deadly dull. The Donatos are mad at Zach and for the most part, are treating him like crap. Zach had been hiding in the Head of Household room, but that won’t be available to him this week. He’ll probably sleep in the big room since it’s empty right now. I’m rather surprised that Big Brother didn’t shut down at least one of the rooms once the house got emptier.

Tex's Take: BB8 - Final Week Preview and Head of Household Part 1 Spoiler

I can take only so much of Dick gloating or bashing. At least last week, we got a break when Jameka was around. They were so nice to her trying to curry her favor. I guess they are hopeful that she will get to the jury house and tell them that Dick is not as bad as everyone thinks. I don’t think she bought it, but I’m sure she was glad that it was at least moderately pleasant for her before she left.

Two hours into the competition: All three are still in it. I find it very curious that up until Big Brother After Dark, Dick was quiet. Right before the show, the feeds go to trivia and when the show comes on, Dick is being as big a jerk as ever. Coaching from BB? It was definitely more than a coincidence. I’m now watching the show while listening to my music because Dick has graduated from trash talk to being just vile.

The past twenty minutes have been spent listening to Dick taunt Zach and call him nasty names. I don’t like this kind of game. About 15 minutes before BBAD, Dani was a quivering, crying mess, begging her daddy to do something. Then at 9pm Big Brother time, obnoxious Dick comes out to play. Bah. I hate to think that this kind of behavior will be rewarded in any way. But it will. I’m amazed at how many people admire Dick and his gameplay.

Two hours, 40 minutes into the competition: Oh, too bad. The strategy didn’t work, Dick. Daniele fell off. Zach is still hanging tough. Now we’ll have to listen to Dick taunting Zach AND Daniele crying in the corner for the rest of the competition. Now she’s inside crying in the shower. Feeds are on competition, audio is of her crying and Dick taunting. Sigh …

Three hours into the competition: The boys are still going strong. The rotating bunny broke when Daniele fell off. The feeds were off for about 30 minutes and BBAD was Daniele inside the house. I think they were trying to fix the bunny but were unsuccessful. Daniele couldn’t go out and the shutters were down so we couldn’t hear what was going on. When she was allowed back out, Dick told her that they couldn’t fix the bunny, but that they had to choose one hand to hold the key and not change.

Dick’s taunting of Zach seems to not have had an effect. In fact, when we came back, Zach was mocking Dick. That was pretty funny. Zach was laughing so hard at himself, that he almost let go of the key. So far this has been a pretty lame competition. It might have been better if the bunny hadn’t broken.

Three hours, 30 minutes into the competition: The feeds went back to the blue rabbit hole and BBAD went back to a beautiful view of the storage room. Before it went, it kind of looked like Dick switched hands, but I can’t be sure. Something is going on, it’s been 20 minutes since they’ve let us see anything.


Four hours into the competition: Feeds back, both guys standing strong. Don’t know why they went to rabbit hole, but no changes were made in the competition.

Four hours, 30 minutes into the competition: Dick is shaking, but still hanging in there. He’s impressing me with his stamina in this thing. Zach got lucky wearing that hat, it seems to have protected him some from the rain. Zach is kind of marching in place for some reason, maybe it’s to keep him awake.


Five hours into the competition: Big Brother After Dark is over and Dick and Zach still hanging in there. Dick actually looks better than he looked about 30 minutes ago. Daniele has been sitting out there giving him some encouragement. Both guys walking in place and the rain has been pretty steady over the past half hour.

Five hours, 30 minutes into the competition: Dick has gone from walking in place to jogging. I think it’s to keep warm. All he has on is that wife-beater and shorts. I’ve heard the temperature has dropped out there to the upper 60s. He’s stopped the taunting, thank goodness, probably to conserve energy since it wasn’t working. Zach looks like he could be out there a while unless his mind wanders and he accidentally lets go of the key. Dick is jogging quite close to the back edge of his carrot, and Daniele has warned him a couple of times to be careful or he would fall.


Six hours into the competition: Dick is looking shaky. He whispered something to Dani a little bit ago about quitting, I think, but she told him not to do it. I give him mad props for hanging in there this long. She just came back outside and asked him how he was doing and he told her OK. Zach looks fine. Almost too relaxed.

Six hours, 30 minutes into the competition: Dick is still hanging in there. Alternating jogging in place to just barely hanging on to that key. Zach looks like he’s in for the long haul. Daniele is sitting in a chair bundled up in her fur-lined hoodie and blanket and the guys are wet, cold, and miserable. I thought a couple of times in this last half hour that Dick was going to slip and let the key go, but he didn’t.


Seven hours into the competition: Dick is looking pitiful. He wants to let go so badly, but he won’t. Daniele just laid this big old guilt trip on him in the guise of encouragement. If he doesn’t win this, he’ll feel like he let her down. He is so cold and wet and miserable. She keeps going into the house and he’s out there suffering.

Seven hours, 20 minutes into the competition – Dick is hurting badly. He wants to quit. He’s told Daniele that he can’t do it. She lies to him, telling him that she’s seen Zach almost slip a couple of times, that Zach looks like he’s hurting. Then she says that it’s okay if he can’t do it, but just hang on. What kind of mixed message is that? Zach just said something to her that I didn’t hear, but she just told him to shut up. Dick told Daniele that he loves her. He’s hanging on here to keep from disappointing her.


Seven hours, 24 minutes into the competition: Dick lets go. He’s hurting. I have much respect for the way he hung in there tonight.

Part Two should be tomorrow between Dick and Daniele. As usual, BuddyTV will have the results for you. Until next time, catch y’all in the forums.

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