When Big Brother went off the air Sunday night, we saw that Jessica and Jameka were nominated by Zach. We were also told of Eric’s next task as America’s Player and given the opportunity to vote on it. What would America’s mindset be? Will they make this an easy task for Eric or will they vote to make his life harder? There are a couple of people in the house that he could imitate and it would be hilarious, but there are a couple that sometimes seem to be lacking in humor.

This is going to be a difficult week for some of the houseguests. If the nominations stay the same, will Dick and Daniele honor their commitment to Eric and Jessica? Or will they realize that Jess is the bigger threat and take the opportunity to get rid of her? Dick and his fans make such a big thing about his honesty in the game. It’s kind of amusing to see them try to rationalize his possible vote to evict Jessica. It’s really simple. He made a deal, if he votes her out, he’s broken his word. Yes, everyone in this game lies, but not everyone in this game has made such a big deal out of being the most honest. It will be the best strategic decision, but at what cost? What a conundrum he would face.

Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article contains information not yet aired

Jessica is PMS’ing and has been really sulky, and that’s not helping her situation at all. She’s been very snippy and sometimes downright mean to Eric. I don’t really expect her to be Little Sally Sunshine this week, but she’s been really bad. She’s behaving as I expected from the beginning. The spoiled cheerleader/sorority girl that’s not getting her way. Sometimes, if she’s drinking, she is almost back to the Jessica we’ve gotten used to, but most of the time, she’s just been laying in her bed pouting.

Jameka is very confident. She’s so sure that because she cannot play for HoH, she’s going to be safe this week. It’s been interesting to watch her interactions with Jessica. It’s been like she’s walking a tightrope between confident and cocky. She’s sometimes stepped on the cocky side. I’d be annoyed if I were Jessica.

Night before last was a fun night in the house. They played their little quarters game. The tasks were funny. They’d earlier received some latex body paint in addition to their flavored body paint. Jessica ended up with ‘I <heart> Eric’ on her chest and ‘I <heart> Dick’ on her arm. Jameka had to put a stripe of flavored body paint on Dick’s neck and lick it off every time Dick took a turn, Eric had to stick his fingers in his nose every time he talked, Zach had a sock puppet and other things like that. They really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Late last night / this morning, Eric was given his America’s Player task. His challenge was to imitate Dick, and he’s been relishing it. It has been hilarious to watch. Dick has been a great sport about it and that makes it even funnier. He’s been imitating his speech, his mannerisms, his smoking and his spitting. This morning he had Zach in absolute stitches as he imitated Dick eating his breakfast cereal. If they don’t show it on CBS, y’all have to search YouTube for the videos. I’m sure, though, that they will definitely show it. It was so entertaining, one of those things that make it worth having the feeds.

I’d previously written about this week’s Power of Veto competition and the fact that Daniele won another one. She’s gone over and over the various scenarios. At one point, Zach talked to her trying to convince her to use it on Jameka. He would then put up Eric and Eric would go home. Let me tell you, she seriously thought about it. If both Eric and Jessica were on the block, she and her dad wouldn’t have a choice but to vote one of them out. That would release them from their promise.

That final four commitment Dick and Daniele made was weighing heavy on her mind. I may not like the way she behaves sometimes, but Daniele is a player. She’s a very good player. She’s good at the competitions and she also has a good mind. The alliance she made is handcuffing her, and she’s chomping at the bit. She knows that it would be better for her game to get Jessica out now. She and her dad have discussed it at length. But she also realizes that if she were to break her word and get Jessica out, she will have lost at least one additional jury vote.

Earlier this afternoon, they held the Power of Veto ceremony. When all was said and done, Daniele decided not to use veto. Either Jameka or Jessica will be the first houseguest to be evicted this week. As I sit at my computer typing this, I’m listening to Dick tell Jameka that he and Daniele have decided to vote to evict her this week. Wow. I’m stunned that he’s done this and so early in the week. I wonder if Daniele knows. Is this strategy? I know Dick and Daniele have talked about doing this to blindside Eric on Thursday, but I honestly have no clue. I have not heard Dick and Daniele talk about being final in this decision, nor have I heard them decide to tell Jameka.

Well … which is it? How many times will the decision change? I guess we’ll find out as the week goes on. Nothing ever seems to be certain in the Big Brother house. Until next time, catch y’all in the forums.

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