Eric is feeling remorse.  A lot of it, and unfortunately, he probably should.  The major tactical error of Big Brother 8 occurred when Jessica and Eric failed to take the opportunity to back door either Dick or Daniele last week.  That would’ve been a huge swing in the season, and put Eric and Jessica in the driver’s seat.  Tonight, we saw the eviction of Amber backfire immediately, when Zach won HoH.  Tonight’s episode was our first without tear-machine Amber, but that doesn’t mean it was devoid of crying.

A Buttery, Annoying Competition

Thursday’s HoH competition was a marathon.  The four participants (Dick, Daniele, Eric and Zach) were all given a little teacup and had to transport tea from one end of a lane down to a 55-gallon bowl until it was filled.  Oh, and Big Brother sprayed some buttery substance on the lane, making it difficult to maneuver.  Eric fell down almost every time.  It soon became clear that Zach and Dick were the two front runners, although Daniele was close for a bit in the beginning.  Eric was terrible.  However, when all the houseguests were given the option of filling a smaller beaker to win a phone call from home, Eric did just that and won a phone call. 

So, it came down to Zach and Dick.  No one else in the house wanted Zach to win, and this was obvious when he ended up winning the comp.  Eric actually teared up, because he knew that it was at his advice that kept Zach in the house over Amber.  Dick is really pissed that he didn’t win.   

Jessica Hears a Familiar Voice

Eric was given the option of giving his phone call to someone else, and decided to let showmance Jessica use it.  Jessica is incredibly grateful and hopes that her brother Dean is back from serving in Iraq and can talk to her.  Jessica takes her call, and it’s Dean!

Jessica tries not to cry, but does anyway.  Dean seems like a nice dude.  Jess admits that they are best friends and was really worried about his safety while he was away.  Later that night, Jessica and Eric have some tender moments in bed.  Eric, wanting to completely clear the air, admits that he was the one who cast those single votes early in the game and that he sprayed the mustard on Jen’s clothes.  Jessica appreciates the honesty, and finds it all pretty funny. 

Zach Attack

Zach isn’t sure about who to nominate, which means the rest of the houseguests do their best to campaign.  Dani takes it up a notch and really gets buddy buddy with Zach.  It doesn’t hurt that she wears skimpy bikinis the whole time either.  She even lays out a deal: if Zach puts up Jessica and Eric, neither she or Dick will nominate Zach next week, if they were to get HoH.  Eric is told by America to try and get Jameka nominated, and he has a long talk in Zach’s HoH room about how good of a decision it would be to put Jameka up.

Zach ultimately decides to nominate Jessica and Jameka.  Zach says that he put Jameka up because they haven’t formed any sort of bond and he puts Jess up because she nominated him last week.  

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