On tonight’s Big Brother, one thing is certain: either the crier or the ogre are going home.  After Eric won POV on Thursday’s episode, he declined to use it leaving the two original nominees on the block.  Eric and Jessica blew their final chance to backdoor one of their biggest competitors, Dick or Daniele, and get them out of the BB house.  We’ll see if it comes back to haunt them in the end. 

Who will go home?  Zach, who has failed to form true friendships with anyone in the house?  Or Amber, whose incessant crying is on everyone’s last nerve?  Hey, if she goes, maybe the modeling thing will work out for her.  Time for some live thoughts and I’ll be here for the next hour, updating you as the episode unfolds. 

Anybody else wondering what Eric is doing in the background while Julie is talking?

Back to right after the POV meeting where Amber says Eric is only looking out for Eric.  Yeah!  That’s the point of the game.  Jessica is upset for putting up Amber and Zach to stay true to Dick and Daniele.  It’s probably a mistake to leave the Donatos in the house but we’ll see how that plays out later in the season.

AMBER’S CRYING AGAIN!  Seriously, guys, I can’t take it.  She’s a nice girl but really…

Dick promises Zach he’s going to stay but Zach isn’t so sure.  Zach’s playing both sides in this game, I can’t tell whose side he’s really on.  Amber corners Jessica to try to convince her that Eric is running her HOH.  Amber and Jameka think Eric purposely has been throwing HOH competitions so no one will see pictures of his girlfriend.  Interesting.

America has decided that Eric should try to get Amber out of the house.  Is everyone fed up with her?  When Eric hears everything Amber said about him to Jessica, he takes cheap shots back at her about her drug addiction.  Eric then tells Dick everything that was said about him or Daniele.

Julie checks in live with the guests in the living room.  Daniele is asked about Nick being at the Power of 10 taping.  She says there’s a lot she wants to say to him and used numbers to send him a secret message.  Tell us what it means!

Jameka’s family and church members are interviewed and come to her defense since she’s been criticized in the house for her religion.

Julie hinted that we’ll be hearing from Eric’s woman on the outside.  YES!  I want to know the truth!

Time to find out what’s really going on with Eric outside of the game.  His brothers swear he never went intending to have a showmance.  Eric’s on again/off again flame, Cheryl, admits to being jealous and gets emotional talking about it. 

In the HOH room, Jessica speaks to Julie, saying she believes that Eric is single.  She also thinks people underestimate her and she’ll go father than maybe America thinks.

For their last plea before the vote, Zach gives a speech worthy of Billy Joel’s “This Is The Time” to be played underneath it while Amber sobbed through hers.  What?  Amber cried?

Jameka votes to evict Zach, we find out Eric has earned $30K to date as America’s player and our vote is for Amber.  Dick and Daniele also vote to get rid of Amber.  She’s been evicted and will get the news after the commercials.

Amber gets the news and fights back tears as she says goodbye to everyone.  Inside the house, Jameka is also very emotional, not surprisingly.  Amber blames Eric for her eviction to Julie.   In the goodbye messages, everyone was very nice to her and were glad to have met her in the house.  When Jameka comes on the screen, Amber loses it.

For the HOH competition, people must transfer 55 gallons of tea into a bowl so that a silver ball rises high enough for them to get it out.  The problem is that they only have a tiny teacup to transport the liquid.  That’s annoying.  Looks like we’re not going to find out who’s going to win until later. 

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– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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