We were left Thursday night with Head of Household still undecided. The LJC alliance would like Dick, Daniele or Eric to win it, obviously. Jameka and Zach are the outsiders looking in the windows like the lady in the Mervyn’s commercial. Poor Jameka is at the mercy of whomever wins it since she still can’t compete.

I wonder how many times a day she smacks herself upside the head for that stupid and, perhaps for her, fateful decision. The thing that kills me is that she wasn’t even nominated that week! I’ m all about loyalty, however, Big Brother is ultimately NOT a team sport. You stick with your alliance until it no longer is in your best interest to do so.

Spoiler Alert: The rest of this article contains HoH, Nomination and Power of Veto spoilers. It has information that will probably not be on network television until Tuesday.

About two hours after the show on Thursday, Zach emerged as the winner of Head of Household. The drama commenced almost immediately. While everyone congratulated him, no one seemed to be happy for him. The four were kicking themselves for keeping him instead of Amber. No way would she have done well in that competition. He’s never done well in the other competitions, and they expected him to be an easy out this week.

The only one that didn’t try to go to him to smooze, however, was Jameka. It’s no secret in that house that she really does not like him. That started maybe week one in the season. Jameka thought that Zach was being a racist when one day outside he accidentally touched her and then wiped his hand off. When asked later about it, though, Zach said that she had some kind of lotion on and he was merely wiping it off of his hand.

Perception tends to taint your reality, and she’s never warmed up to him. It’s too bad, though. It would be quite a coup and surprise for them to team up to take on the other pairs. No one would expect it and it might have shaken up the house even further. Can you imagine what would have happened had he put up one of the pairs, and if one of them won the veto, put one of the other pair up and have Jameka be the deciding vote on who goes?

Who would Zach nominate? I wondered if he would put up Dick or Daniele, because those two are the pretty much the only ones that have been nice to him, at least to his face. Plus he supposedly promised Nick that he’d watch out for Daniele. Yes, he tried to get Jessica to put them up, but that seems to be the modus operandi in the house this year, let’s get someone else to do the dirty work and keep your hands clean.

Zach would not even talk to Jessica at first. He felt very betrayed by her last week and has been heard to say that she’s failed his trust test. He just does not like Eric. I think he kind of blames Eric for Jessica’s nominations. And while he doesn’t dislike Jameka like she does him, he does not think that he could win against her in the final two. He said that she hasn’t made any real enemies on the jury and has Dustin and Amber as definite votes in her favor. I don’t see her even getting to the F2, but …

Anyway, Zach nominated Jessica and Jameka. I don’t think he really cares who leaves, but to Dick, he agrees that Jameka has to go. Daniele sees this as an opportunity to get Jessica out, but Dick is sticking to their Final Four agreement so far. If the nominations stand, at this moment, I see Jameka leaving on a 2-1 or 3-0 vote. Daniele is a wild card, really. She’ll probably toe the party line, though, if she realizes that she can’t change her dad’s mind.

The houseguests got a big surprise last night, though. Instead of waiting until today to do the Power of Veto competition, they did it shortly after midnight. Another surprise was that Big Brother brought Janelle from BB6 and BB All-Stars in to host the competition. From what I’ve heard, it was a variation of the morphomatic competition, where there are computer generated changes in pictures of evicted houseguests and they had to correctly guess whose face it was. The set for the competition was done all in pink, in Janelle’s honor. If you’ll remember, her fans signed a petition and sent money to some website to have pink M&M’s and carnations to CBS and BB bigwigs to convince them to bring her back. Guess it worked.

Right before the competition, Eric shot his mouth off again. Before BB told them that Janelle was there, they showed the houseguests a video of her past veto performances. Eric made some comment comparing Janelle to Miss Piggy apparently, and she heard it from where she was waiting behind a screen. According to her post on her fansite, she was told before to not show a bias and to not talk game. It must have been very hard to be nice to him after hearing that.

Her role was to kind of be a cheerleader as well as host. She said that it was her and one houseguest behind a screen as they competed and she cheered them on. She also got a chance to mingle with the houseguests. Dick and Daniele were giddy with excitement over their interactions with her afterwards. They both, as well as Jessica, said that Janelle hated Eric. I’m not sure if it was her interaction with him, or if it was how they perceived it since they all knew Janelle heard his comment.

Well, the previous PoV queen ended up congratulating and coronating this season’s PoV queen, Daniele. Yes, she’s won another veto competition. It was even more special for her because she has said that Janelle was her favorite Big Brother houseguest. Janelle hugged her and told her that she knew what 1-5-3 was. That’s the code between Nick and Daniele that means I Adore You. She said that she’d heard it on the show, and she may have, but she also may have heard it from Nick herself, since he’s had dinner with her and her boyfriend.

Will Daniele use the veto? Zach wanted to backdoor Eric, but that really wasn’t possible since they all got to participate in this contest. But will Zach try to get Daniele to use the veto and nominate Eric? Will the LJC alliance stand strong and say goodbye to Jameka this week? It’s too soon to tell, but it should make for an interesting few days in the Big Brother house. Can’t wait to watch it unfold.

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